Wind Mitigation for newer construction?

Hey everyone,
Will homeowners be able to benefit from a Wind Mit inspection no matter how new the home is? I’ve had a realtor tell me that their clients did not need the wind mit because the house is only a couple years old and built under the new code. I’ve been told by other inspectors that this is false information. But recently I had a client tell me that their insurance company advised them they shouldn’t get the wind mit because the house is newer constuction. Any truth in this? Any help is appreciated.

Extra credit can be achieved on a FBC home with a hip roof shape, SWR, and opening protection. Your realtor is incorrect.

As usual.

Had a guy pissed at me because the ridiculious brace for garage doors his foolish Ins Agent told him would make his 60 year old a hurricane door.

Or, depending on how you interpret the form, credits can be taken away…:wink:

Not all homes are built the same. They are built to code but code does not always require opening protection, SWR, etc. There is money to be saved there.