Clarksville, TN

Happy to be a part of the TN Home Inspectors section of the forums. I see it’s not super active (yet), having hopes it continues to grow!

Working on getting my HITA account set up soon. Excuse me if this comes off disrespectful or improper. However, I am going through my pre-requisites to take my NHIE for TN CPI. That being said, is there a place or a thread, or anything of the sort. That I can sift through that has current active teams looking to hire someone long term, that’s newish to the field. It would be greatly appreciated.

I understand if there’s hesitations. I would be hesitant myself. However, I’ve spent nearly the last 5-6 years prepping myself for the field, intentionally. I had almost no experience in residential knowledge, terminology, repairs, etc. I believe everything takes around 1-2 years to gain basic knowledge and understandings.

I don’t have visions or plans of going off on my own and being my own company. I want a team to work with, others I can count on and can count on me.

My apologies for the rambling. Stoked and still attempting to wake up. Good morning, and y’all have a wonderful day.

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Well welcome to the board Anthonie.

I live outside Clarksville. To be honest, I know several Home Inspectors in Clarksville, but I have never seen any Inspectors from there, here. I have been at this since 1995. I am retired from home inspections, but still do other related things. I was a Realtor back in the 80’s here but I never attempted to get involved in this market/area. I did not like the “This is how we do it here, where are you from?”. I sold a house here a couple years ago, and nothing has changed much with that attitude.
I did many inspections in Clarksville, but they were for agents out of Nashville.

I would recommend that you make some cold calls to Inspectors out of Nashville. I-24 traffic sucks and they may need someone here to handle this region. Also like you said, locals may be hesitant, so working with a company outside the area may go over better.

Go to the Dpt. of Commerce and Insurance and look up license verification. Look for HI’s in this area that have low license numbers, mine is #40. You may find the old vet looking to get some help ahead of retiring. These guys make more money, and have more knowledge to teach you, because they have survived start-up.

What is your daytime job now?
You may need to strike out on your own part time so you have the tools, and some experience for a company to pick you up. You may start out as a sub-contractor Inspector. You may build referral contacts you can offer to that company. This industry is is primarily a sole-proprietor type operation.

Good luck in your endeavors. If I can help, give me a call. If you need tools to get started, I have multiples. Report writing plays a big part in your job.


I’ve heard it’s like this out here. “Agents don’t want good Inspectors, buyers don’t want bad Inspectors.” Which is why so many people apparently don’t like it out here, especially as a CPI. I’m hoping I’ve been misinformed or had people who had bad experiences, and that’s it.

That’s actually a phenomenal idea. However, I don’t believe I would even know where to begin with that. Haha. But I appreciate it and certainly will in the future.

I’ve been working my way up to be a solid CPI. I’m now reaching my second year mark as a Sub-Contractor in Residential Remodeling. We do nearly everything. I have experience as Maintenance for 26 homes, 2 apartments, and an office that was for taking care of adults with special needs. Moved to Facility Technician (fancy word for only maintenance guy) for a 128,000+ occupied sqft church and it’s buildings, lots, and other businesses. Now to where I’m at.

I’m going to PM you directly. I truly appreciate the help!

Anthonie, I am an Inspector and Agent here in Clarksville, i would definitely linknup with you here to discuss. DM and ill make time for a meeting.


Welcome back to our forum, Michael!..enjoy participating. :smiley:

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Messaging you now, I am currently on break and won’t be able to respond much until later.

Thank you.

Tony @dandersen is a great local wealth of knowledge. He knows a tremendous amount in many areas.

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Thanks a ton! Him and I are currently messaging too.

Hi, I am an inspector in Murfreesboro, but go to Clarksville from time to time. I would be happy to help any way I can. I work with a group of inspectors, we are all independent but get together to share resources and cover each other on vacations we even do ancillary jobs for each other. We meet once a month and talk shop and ideas and have a group text we help each other out on.


I would be interested in getting together as well. I’m in Spring Hill - Columbia area. I think we could benefit from one another.

We are meeting tomorrow. Friday @2 at the corner Pub in Brentwood. Exit 74 of of 65. You are welcome to come

My cell is (410) 903-0014

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Hey Maurice,

Thank you for the invite. I am not done tomorrow till around 4:00ish. I will text you so I can hopefully join the next time.

I sent you a friend request on facebook trying to invite you to a TN inspector group where we post meet ups

Hey Maurice, Any chance you could send me the details, it’s great to meet some of the other local guys and I’d like to join.

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Absolutely, I see you found the Facebook group! We post meet up there.