Clearing The Air Over The N.c.p.

I will post a few questions about the National here to see if we can once again get the ball rolling. Let’s try to keep this thread focused on asking and answering questions. This is our chance to “clear the air” once and for all. So here goes;

  1. Specifically, what courses offered by community colleges in Canada have been approved for C.E.U.'s?

  2. It is understood that there is some kind of ‘points system’ that allows every applicant to be assessed. What is the structure of that points system?

  3. It has been stated many times that there is a real problem with the quality of Home Inspection in Canada and that this problem has led to many complaints both within and without the court system. What relevant documentation , studies, surveys have been used to arrive at this conclusion. ( to clarify the word ‘relevant’ I will pick an arbitrary figure and say not more than five years old)

There are three good questions and I hope that whomever replies will not hide behind “I am not in a position to answer / provide that information.” We need answers and I hope that the effort will be made to find the information for us by those on the inside of the National programme.

To add to George’s inquiries, is there a list of approved community colleges availible at this time?

Is this in the members only section for canadian inspectors?

Canadians have funded CAHPI/NCA, they have a right to know the facts which Mr. Mullen refuses to publish.

Sort of.

It is, however viewable by all members.

My hope was that any credible information posted here would be available to all Canadian inspectors viewing this thread. Is there a problem with this?

The biggest problem is that Wand and Cooke are already trying to poison the process. They can’t do that in the private members’ section.

As I said earlier, if they are involved I won’t subject myself or anyone else to their nonsense. For the sake of clarity and information, I hope that Ray & Roy respect you folks enough to stay out of this.

I will try to get some answers done later today.

Bill Mullen


Bill has clearly stated he will not participate if Roy and Ray post here.

Let someone else ask Bill the questions. It should be obvious soon whether or not Bill is giving helpful and accurate information.

When information that should be made available to a wider audience is found I’m sure a way could be found to post it on the open parts of the board.

Sorry Michael the web site you listed can only be seen by NACHI members . If want to get information to the Canadian NONE NACHI members that will not work .

Roy Cooke

Roy, I answered Joes question accurately. Go read his post.

Thanks Michael but if you have read many of Bills posts you will see he has said this many times .
Also if you have read many of Bill and Claude’s Posts you have seen they continue to talk in what is going to happen seldom do they give much information.
This is so unfortunate but I think they are holding back information for many reasons.
ADDED below
But I would love to see the Canadian Home Inspector get the Information they need to make an informed decesion . I will not post on this String . Thanks Roy C
Roy Cooke

Does not work for me Roy

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Well here is the chance for Bill and Claude to try once again. Let’s give them the chance by posting our questions only.

That’s because you chose to no longer be a member.:frowning:

Joe asked if there is a members only section for Canadians.

How timely to deny Canadians the right to know about a tax funded program by removing it from where it belongs in the public forum and putting it were Mr. Mullen can hide facts. Facts that show he is not being truthful. The finances of CAHPI/NCA show it is not at arms length as so often touted by Mr. Mullen.

Mr. Mullen is also quick to deny that he has been forthcoming with info when in fact public documents which paint the entire story are with held to suit his agenda. Many members of the other Ontario Association will be quick to point out how quickly Mr. Mullen had public documents removed from that discussion board because those documents didn’t line up with what he was portraying.

Now we also have discourse in Alberta with CAHPI not being truthful in its approach to National Certification and reluctance on the part of BC to become involved in discussions with the BC government because it CAHPI-BC wasn’t getting its way. Fortunately the licensing issue will tame the CAHPI/National Shrew.

Hi Ray. Bye Ray.

I just posted this on another thread. The Central and Northern Alberta BBB has received 1 home inspection complaint in the last 36 months and none in the last 12 months. that’s for 74,000 home inspections per year. That’s over 200.000 inspections in the last 3 years.
I summit that those people or associations that are telling everyone we need government control because of all the complaints are saying this because of their own misguided idea that licensing is going to save the world. Give me a break.

Thanks Vern - good point - I am not an advocate of licensing, it depends on many issues, however in the meantime:

So may I ask how many went to court in Alberta?
How many were settled out of court?
How many were settled between the client and home inspector, perhaps on a call back? How many of those were substantiated.

I don’t disagree, I just feel that the real number is somewhat elusive! Perceptions can often be deceiving.

I agree with Claude. It would be interesting to see a breakdown of the numbers. I have been told by both Claude and Bill that they have or have seen the numbers originally used when the programme was initially proposed. It would be very informative to compare those early numbers to more modern numbers. How one is ever to arrive at a reliable number representing complaints that were settled out of court or between parties remains a mystery that can never be solved.

As Vern implied a pall has been thrown over the industry and the performance, qualifications, and reputation of every home inspector has been called into question. It would be nice to know why.

You can also base it on statistics from those “insurers” willing to provide that information on the track record of E&O claims. However, some are not so willing to offer that info.

Besides if the claim rates are so low - why are the insurance premiums going up?