Client wants to be on roof?

This morning I arrived early and did most of the exterior before my client arrived, as usual for me.

Client arrives and I sumerise the exterior findings prior to going in.

I told him the roof sheeting felt spongy and roof was near the end of it’s lifespan. He insisted in going up?! I cant have clients climbing up on a roof?! I assume plenty of risk going up myself, I dont need that too.

Anyone have this happen? How do you handle keeping him off of there? I have no problem with clients following me around, but not on the roof, thats where I need to draw the line.

And you should stop them whenever possible. If they insist, tell them to get their own ladder, and proceed at their own risk. You MUST make the attempt to stop them, or at least advise them of the risks or a court will rule in their favor if something happens. You are the professional and are aware of the risks. The general public is not!

I have a release from liability form that I carry with me. I explain the liability issue to them. Then ask them to fill out and sign the form. I have never had a client complete the form.

I had a roofer who wanted to follow me up on a roof and I told hi m that he couldn’t because my insurance company would drop me if I let anyone come up on a roof with me.

He was a little put off at first but he didn’t press the issue and by the end of the inspection he was fine.

I ask for the phone # of next of kin and explain my insurance does not cover them in case they make a mistake;-)

I carry a wooden ladder for clients to use.

Just a thought.
It is in my PIA or personal inspection agreement.
I also have a back up set of inspection rules if clients get unruly.

I never allow my clients on my ladders in crawl paces. seeing more and near electrical until the dead front is off…

I explain I have no coverage for you.
I will show you everything during our post inspection review.
Just an idea.

75% of my clients are hands on people and often have tried repairs and other stuff ahead of my arrival. One was on the roof with me Tues. and another DIY is scheduled to go up with me next Tues. Many of them contacted me from DIY and roofing forums anyway. I just tell them it’s up to their insurance to cover them, not mine.

Once, on a hard to acess 2-story steep slate roof, I left the ladders locked to the hook ladders. THe client called around 8 pm from the ridge to say he really admired the way I was doing the job! Yipes!

What’s a “Personal Inspection Agreement”?

What do you use ladders for in the crawl space?

As a matter of fact, a member here asked if he could come up on my roof and watch me work. He’s welcome, as is anybody else. Depending on the risk factor, of course.

I don’t care if they get on the roof, but they aren’t using my ladder and I advise them not to get up there.

I will ask you once more Mr. Jonas:).
Please do not ask me questions.
I am asking with the respect I deserve.

You are a bad influence on the message board.
Yes I have used a ladder in a crawl space. If you do not know what a PIA is then look it up.
I am asking you to please put me on ignore seeing I have little use for something that lets the offender offend at will.
Thank you.
Have a great day.

I will ask any damned question I want on this MB. Don’t like it, “ignore” me!

The only respect you will ever get is that which you have earned. To date, you have earned ziltch!

You too!

Thank you for considering my request.
All the best.

I was just talking to the person who certifies the roofers in town. $10,000 fine was issued not to long ago to a company that is out of business for failure to wear proper fall arrest Equipment. As Inspectors we are not required to yet wear them but we better tell our Clients about the requirment and like Cameron said they are not using my ladder.
If they did go up the Inspection would be stoped right away.

I have had a few in the past get on the roof. They can be slippery if your not watching. I had one last week as a mater of fact. I turned around while he was coming up and told him, 1st he shouldnt due to my insuarance, and second that his ladder now that he touched it not mine.

Client is NOT getting on the roof with MY ladder, help or assistance / Period.

I have 3 times since Christmas used a ladder to get into a crawlspace (one had a 7’ drop out of the basement to enter the crawl - built on REAL steep sloped lot).

Thank you for an answer to my question. I see only a few crawls per year, and they are usually very restrictive. Bringing a ladder into a crawl did not make sense to me. :wink: