Company Rules

This happened to another inspector, Nick O., on InspectionNews.

His client, the buyer fell through the ceiling, OUCH!

What rules do you exert while conducting your inspections?

NO you can’t use my ladder or any of my tools for that matter, except my tape measure
NO bringing your own tools and testing things, behind me
NO you can’t follow me into the attic, onto the roof, or be up my azz while I’m working around the panel
NO demon children
NO extended families
NO client/agent pets
NO other agents or their clients, “Oh, it’s under contract? We just want to have a looksee.”
NO to sellers or agent bribes of any kind
NO picnics inside the house

What are your rules and how do you enforce them?

I politely tell the client/agent/homeowner, “My inspection will cease and I will gladly refund their money right then unless things change immediately.”

I’ve had them follow me just about everywhere. I tell them if they fall or break my ladder, it’s on them. It’s also covered in my PIA.

The client is paying me, and they are the ones buying the house. :wink:

Same here. They initial the safety clause and still follow me up the ladder if I want them to see something in person and not a picture in the report.

You folks should keep in mind that the person who signed your contract might not sue you if they get hurt of killed falling off a ladder, or bit by a snake, or paralyzed falling through the ceiling. BUT, their parents, wife, or children might. Beware. If you get sued, you loose no matter how it turns out.

No going into the attic (if they want to take a peek and don’t get off the drop down stairs, I’m fine with that).

No using my ladder.

No going into the crawl space.

No extended family wandering around an occupied home if no agent is present.

I’ve never had anyone challenge me on it, but I’d end the inspection if they insisted.

I’m very strict about the seller or sellers agent trying to infuence my reports by very devious means. We’re in a down market and houses are sitting a long time. Sellers and their agents are getting desperate.

Several times this past year, when the buyer couldn’t be there the agent tells me the owner will be there and let me in. When I get there, I’ve had a good looking lady seller meet me at the door in a towel or thong bikini and tell me she forgot I was coming and to just go ahead and do my thing. Then she starts doing her morning workout yoga routine in whatever room I’m in.

OR they’ll come into the master bath while I’m inspecting it and wanta know if its OK if they go ahead and take a shower to get ready for work.

I know they’re trying to distract me and hoping I don’t see the defects in the shower stall OR report them. But they’re out of luck with me.

Another trick the agents are trying to pull to distract you, is to send their new hot assistant along. Then when you start into the crawlspace, the hotsie says shes never seen a crawlspace and wants to go along with you. You know its a trick to distract you when they start getting undressed and tell you its so they don’t get their good clothes dirty.

Russell -
These Tequilla shots with Black Jack Chasers in the AM are great but I may need to switch to Margaritas to stay more focused.


Way off base with some of your comments, very unprofessional, and a little unsympathetic towards the “new hot assistants”.

How’d you like to spend the rest of the day in a pair of dirty T-backs? :twisted: :mrgreen:

Clients who bring their brats with them have got to be one of the biggest distractions. How many times must the parents tell the kids to stop playing with the grand piano, touching things, or other distruptive behaviour before the parents smack the kid? Some parents haven’t got a clue.

Last time this happened to me the parents left the kids unattended upstairs while we where downstairs. Until we heard a lound smash and breaking glass. When they ran upstairs they had found that one of the kids had tripped over a floor lamp cord toppling it over as they were chasing one another. The lamp turned out to be one of a kind, and they ended up having to pay for it.

Or how about the kids who pull out the toys of the vendors children while the inspection is going on… ?

Children should be seen and not heard, along with some parents. :wink:

Now someone is a grumpy old man! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::shock::shock:

I agree, but that’s not something I make a rule about. I figure the Buyers/Sellers/etc should be able to handle themselves for the most part. I’m not responsible for others, and they aren’t responsible for me.

If the realtors give me a lockbox code, or I’m allowed into a home and then left there alone, I won’t allow others into the home without the person who gave me entry’s approval. I.e. if a tradesman comes to the property while I’m there to do something, they have to have their own key, or some other mechanism to get in or someone has to give me permission to let them in.

Now the client is another matter, their entry is implied when I’m allowed in as all of the agents know I have the client come to the inspection. If the client brings their dog/kids/grandparents/whatever, then they are responsible for them. I haven’t had to explicitly say this to any clients yet, as they all have taken appropriate measures on their own.

I’ve only had a few clients who wanted to do the crawls with me, or go on the roof, I give them a warning to be careful and then it’s up to them. They are grown people after all.

Barry -

After careful consideration I’ve come to realize you’re right. How thoughtless of me - the hotsie didn’t come equipped with coveralls and getting nakid is better than wearing dirty mini-skirts and tube tops to the next inspection. I’ll try to be more considerate in the future.

Raymond -

As a grandpa, I’m with you - If they aren’t quiet and well behaved - keep them on a leash or don’t bring them at all. I don’t wanta keep ducking and dodging ankle biters running all over the house yelling and screaming. In the past 2 years I’ve actually told 3 Agents that I couldn’t concentrate enough to do the inspection while listening to the clients screaming little hyenas **OR **trying to keep from squashing them when turning around quickly. I politely told the Agent to reschedule the appointment or get rid of the screamers.