Clip vs $ingle wrap

Spoke with potential client today.
This was a LOOOONG drawn out phone conversation as he is 87:p
He had a wind mit completed in 2010 with 1802 Rev 2/10 form that was checked RTW,** clip**.

The RTW connection is a wrap with 2 nails on the front side of the wrap and 1 nail on the backside. (Could not extract photo from the report)
On the 1802 Rev 01/12 that CLIP is NOW a single wrap as you all know… 2 nails on the front of the wrap and 1 nail on the back.
He wants to know if there is a difference in insurance savings between a clip and a single wrap.
All I know is that the insurance Companies give up to 35% discount on the wind portion for clips and wraps even though there are different uplift protections.
His Ins Co. couldn’t answer his question without a new report.:twisted:
Is there a difference in savings between a clip and single wrap. I told him all I can do is ask and give him info that was passed to me.
Thanks in advance

THEY CAN they are just friggen idiots. UNBELIEVEABLE… Tell the fools to submit it with it marked as wrap. They will get their answer then. NO REASON IT CANNOT BE DONE THAT WAY.

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I recommended him to take the old report to the insurance office and ask if the AGENT himself can answer his question.

Still would like to know clip vs single vs double savings.

Not much of a jump from clip to single wrap…just a few percentage points. Every policy is different. The agent has to input into the system to find out. Yeah, what fools they are…:shock: Good grief Mikey, get a grip.

I hear the same bs from them all.

You telling me one of them is telling the truth or are they all just idiots?

I actually tell the clients to ask the people what if they had this or that to see what is a good financial deal. Or a worth while fix and I hear this crap all the time.

I tell them to insist on getting a hold of someone one who can figure that TOUGH stuff out :frowning:

I did a Wind Mit for a client in Boca that had Straps with 1 nail on the face and one on the back - She has since had the 3rd nail installed and I redid the inspection and her insurance dropped $1250.00.

That is why retrofiters are in biz :slight_smile:

Is there a chart anywhere that shows which questions on the form are the most heavily weighted for credits? I’m sure that it is different for each house and insurer (to a point) but which credits are the big ones?

Try this:

Check your homeowner policy, it tell you how much you are getting.

On the road so can’t send you the booklet.

Google Florida Foundation Wind Mitigation Booklet

It’s the wind mit book

Pages 15-17 I think

I did a little research with an agent and an insurance company for exactly that question. It is a new house and large straps were being installed but in many areas they could not wrap over the truss.
The bottom line answer was that there was no difference in credit between what could have been a single wrap and what was actually a clip.

Great… Thanks

Yes - thanks too.

On a house built under FBC, there is no difference on the RTW or RDA. Those credits are built in to the FBC credit for question 1.

Hey Brad how did you come about that info and is there a place I can see it or get a copy?

There may be an instance in newer construction where you cannot see the attachment and roof deck. Something like a building with spray foam insulation or a townhouse or something. Thanks in advance if you have anything like that.

How did you verifiy that that extra nail now meets up with capacity that they’re looking for. We’re you able to check multiple areas to see if that third nail was put into every single strap. Without permits and engineering report I wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole

Typically about 1%-2% more for a single wrap than a clip.

Here is a perfect example on a 2006 Palm Beach home where I hope it is built in. Because I put unknown :slight_smile:


Here is a perfect example on a 2006 Palm Beach home where I hope it is built in. Because I put unknown :slight_smile: