Clipped Gable wind mit

Need a little advice. Inspected a home with a clipped gable roof on all four sides. What hurricane strap photos does one take? The strap tieing down the gabel wall? That seems to be all I can Identify at this point?

Thanks in advance.

Think about the clipped gable as a normal gable, you wouldn’t qualify the end bolting or strapping of a normal gable wall for RTW so probably not here either. I’m assuming the anchorage points for the upper jack trusses are secured to the framing using right angle clips, so I would use that if present.

Highly unlikely that all four sides are gabled from corner to corner, but if that is case, must photo the connection at the end of the truss over a wall. Not the intermediate straps holding down the bottom chord. Overall elevation photo would be helpful.

Get an extension pole for your camera, drop a section of soffit, or belly-crawl out to the eaves on the side of the gable; you’ll see the roof to wall attachment.


Sounds like I’m overthinking this. Thanks for the guidance.