Wind mit Scenerio #11 see picuture first

Would you guys give the Roof to Wall Attachement: B or not?

I would have to look in other locations. This looks like a “bucket”, is there a gable above this connection?

It looks like it is in the tiebeam so if I saw it on all trusses I would call it a clip.

Hello John,

I hope all is well…No this is gabel edge just a 18" +/- overhang below and shingle above no gabel above.

Hey Mike,

Yeah Im kinda leaning in that direction it is typical all around…

Good Luck. I have called them a clip in the past. If you are lucky it won’t go to the real pros those underwriters at Universal. :roll: Ha ha. They may have a different opinion from their desk and vast years of no experience.