Strap or clip?

According to the 1802 this is a clip correct?



Metal connectors with a minimum of 1 strap that wraps over the top of the truss/rafter and does not meet the nail
position requirements of C or D, but is secured with a minimum of 3 nails.

I would say clip.

Thanks Eric just wanted a second opinion

In the second picture, where does the rest of the strap go? Is it nailed to the top plate or does it end?

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According to the 1802 this is a clip correct?

Yep, it’s a clip.

Clip(ii). I have had to do follow up inspections for reports from other inspectors that had RTW photos similar to yours. The underwriters are not inspectors or contractors and seem to deny those areas as valid RTW connections simply because they can’t see the roof decking on top of the truss. They call them intermediate or gable area connections. If that is the only area you can get the RTW, note that area on an aerial or footprint sketch so they know where you took the photo. JMHO

Pretty sure it just ends. Condo attic so very difficult to even get that picture. I reviewed another report the association had that was on the old form and was a “building” wind mit not unit specific. They had clips marked also but a completely different picture.

Thanks Brad, will make a note of it and the old pictures were the same as in not seeing any roof deck because of the design. Personally think it’s a horrible design. The building is only 12 years old and noticed where the flat portion is leaking really bad and a truss has rotted completely through. Have a photo of that also.