Clips and Wraps according to 1802

The pictures don’t show a u-shaped clip. Just playing devils advocate, errrr, mouth-breather at the insurance company looking at the picture, so again, without further evidence, it would be a toe-nail, or possibly, other.

And, that clip looks nothing like the Simpson H10-2.
Simpson H10-2 Hurricane tie

Man, are you thick. Of course a photo of the other side is needed for verification. I took this photo a couple of years ago, and thought it was a simple angle bracket, as you do now. Go back to the original question I asked…Does a U clip with 2 nails on EACH side count as a clip? (assuming full verification). This clip is the same basic design as a H10, only made 55 years ago, sooooo, it probably won’t look exactly like a H10.

“IF” you could prove it was a u-clip and had four nails, the answer is self-evident. The issue is, how do you prove it? If you can’t prove it, then it isn’t worth arguing about.

Since it is your picture, why don’t you contact Simpson and see what it is?