Clips with bolts??

Did a Wind Mit today and the trusses were attached with bolts. Both sides of the truss was attached with one bolt going through the truss. How would you rate these? Your thoughts are appreciated. Attached are some pics.

Joe Foley
Sun State Inspections




I say structural.


If all trusses are attached this way, I would mark structural also.


Yes sir!

Great input!


I would rate this as a clip. Structural is reserved for reinforced concrete roof deck, red iron structures, and post and beam construction

STRUCTURAL:[FONT=Times New Roman][size=2]
**E. Structural **[/size][/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman][size=2]Anchor bolts structurally connected or reinforced concrete roof.

I would say that this is what you have here. I wasn’t there, but those angle iron brackets look like they are connected to a steel structure. Normally they would be welded, but many times they are installed with bolts after the trusses are set. I still say structural…

Just curious as to how the plate is attached to the tie beam? Is it embedded?

I did one a few weeks ago on a 5 story condo that had double straps wrapped over the truss from each side, then nailed and welded! Early 1990’s building at the beach.

This is a metal building? :eek:I didn’t look close at the photo. my bad