Wind Mit QOD Monday

How do you mark this roof to wall attachment.



Toe nail. Strap that does not meet connection req’s. I applaud their use of a nut and bolt through the truss though.

Its a shame too because that will hold a lot better than those flimsy clips they used in the 60’s which do the credit.

The inspector that sent the picture asked “why not other?”

Toe nail.

If at all possible, avoid marking “Other”. It can cause more problems than it’s worth.

I’m going out on a limb here, but with the thickness of the strap/anchor, could it be considered structural?

I would go with “other”

Most carriers will only provide toenail credit.

I would mark Other and write “Metal strap bolted to wood truss.”

I agree with Chris…and John (trust me its a safe bet)

I agree with “other” so long as it is accompanied by a note or explanation. When you say other with no explanation as to why, then it creates problems I think.


It’s a weak limb, but I could see the attempt being made. :smiley:

I would mark ‘Toe Nails’ and encourage the owner to retrofit.

Good idea. I would add 1/4 " metal strap thru bolted to truss.
Appears to be a site built truss also.

Carefully? With a pen?

Not if you have a good pdf form! :mrgreen: