CMI Billy Boerner stopped by InterNACHI's headquarters this morning.

I gave him a quick tour of the chaos because I had to catch up to two concrete trucks heading to one of my job sites.

Nice of you to stop by Billy!

You have a real office? It’s not in your basement? :smiley:

7,500 square foot garage, not including the mezzanines and we use every inch.

No kidding :smiley:
I’ve been there plenty of times and it’s a busy place.

I was in contact with Billy several times the past few days. We were going to try to get together but the schedules didn’t match up.

He will be on his way back to clean up the mess in St. Louis tomorrow! :mrgreen:

Pics or it never happened. :wink:

I think Billy fell in love with Colorado on this trip.

Everyone does that’s why the front range has turned into a major city.

Mt wife would give her left arm to live I denver. We try to make it out a few times a year.

Call me the next time you come (720) 272 8578.

Nick is correct finally got to see the operation and I have, to say it’s a impressive one even met Ben and had no clue until now he’s a giant like myself. As for falling in love guys there is very little places like it in America and indeed once we can get my girl settled with her job with the VA I am looking at moving down the street from Nick and his crew. Simply is a piece of heaven there. Talk soon I’m enroute to St Louis now from CO have to get back and restore order to Ferguson lol

Thanks for having me Nick.

I passed through Denver while driving from Chicago to Los Angeles back in '79.

Honestly, I don’t remember much about it.

I hope to head back there someday, my father was from Denver and I still have cousins there. Last time I was out there I climbed Longs Peak, about 14,500’, most exhausting day of my life!

And you have been puffing since I see! :wink: Pass the cheetos!

This town ain’t big enough for the two of us pardner! :wink:

Like we talked about. Let me know if you have any questions about where to settle or the local business!

I am sure I have no idea what you are talking about! :-;;

Did you buy any weed while you were there?

It’s so funny how some of you automatically think about the wacky tobacco whenever Colorado is mentioned. I know it’s available where you live. Whats the big deal? :shock::wink:
Carry on and pass the Cheetos!

Trust me… elevation makes a difference!

In the lowlands, we like “Crunchy” Cheeto’s!

I like the crunchy ones also. I’ll tell you what, If we ever run into each other we will sample some of each. :mrgreen: