CMI booth at the National Association of REALTORs 2014 Convention.

Tens of thousands of REALTORs attend each year. Visit the Certified Master Inspector booth in New Orleans in 2014.

You should play some of the Official CMI videos members have made on a loop to play :slight_smile:

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Make sure your using the video with the 3 year minimum requirement for CMI that is information the whole world needs to know particularly Realtors:p:p

All realtors need to know what CMI means. Their mindset is that CMI means that they need to stay away from these inspectors, because they have more of a chance of alarming home buyers. It starts with the RE company CEO’s and office brokers. They are the ones to target.

Nick, if you see one, ask him/her why they do not recommend CMI’s.

Because they are only required to be in business for 3 years:p what a hoot;-) and Nate has it on a Video for everyone to see

Gary, you sent me an email showing that only a handful of homes sold in your area recently. If that data is accurate, my only recommendation for you is to rent a one-way U-Haul. No marketing can draw blood from a turnip.

Moving to Boulder, Colorado was the best move I ever made. We didn’t even know there was a recession here.

The KCRAR came out with a news article that said that housing starts are up 21% over last year, and new home prices are also up from an average $154,000 to $174,000. However, home sales for Nov 2013 are 2% lower than in Nov 2012, which was real bad from previous Nov. months.

Some figures being released say “housing starts”, which include rental apartments. Misleading.

Total home sales in the greater KC area totaled 1,998 for November, which is really poor when you figure that there are over 7,000 REA’s in this service area.

Time to rent a U-Haul one way.

he will have a hard time finding a place where all the roofs are ground level Gary needs a attitude adjustment not a U-haul:p

Finally, two inspections on the schedule for next week. The article also states that there are fewer homes for sale, at about 11,000. Go to any RE web site here, and “search over 18,600 homes locally for sale”…

I do not like hearing or seeing false statements.

Happy New Year, Charlie. I wish you being safe from those roofs you are walking. Remember, it only takes once, and your life as you know it is over. I have inspected over 10,000 roofs without walking them, and never missed. To each is own. Be safe.

Gary you have no clue what you have missed all I can say is the right person has not found what you miss.

Why don’t we start the new year with a positive attitude and quit blaming the whole world for your lack of business. I suggest stop this very moment go to the bathroom look in the mirror and you will see your problem. Every post you make on this forum you project negative and if you do that in real time its no wonder you have a lack of business. Stop the problem is not KC its you, its what you do and how you do it. Stop The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different results

Happy New year from Oklahoma. Coffee your place or mine:D

Charley is correct. Attitude and outlook matter.