CMI Interview With ABC News Today

If you can watch ABC local news in Washington, D.C. then watch at 5:00 today !!! They already did an into to the story at the 4:00 news, but the main interview is at 5.

It is about Radon, and we did the interview today about 1{00 pm. I have my jacket on and I have a CMI patch on the arm and at the end they got a close up of my truck with a bunch of Nachi, CMI Infrared,IAC2 stickers and my cool license plate. .I have no idea how the interview will look after all their chopping, cutting and dicing, but I made it on ABC news.

Starts at the 5:00 news, its the lead in story.


Not long but Good exposer ,Thanks for letting all Know Crest looked good on the Coat… Good for you … Roy

Thanks Roy, yeah we actually did about 15 minutes, but I guess their editing guy went to town :frowning: But still was cool. Heck They even had me show them a machine and some Air Chek bags and set them all up. They want me to do another next month on mold.:slight_smile:


Great that’s how my Radio show started a short interview then another ,
then 7 years a one or two hour show every month . I wish you well … Roy

Thank them after your next show… send them mail and remind them you are available at any time to help answer any questions

Good job Jim.

Here’s the link to the segment -

They called you a “Certified Master Radon Tester & Instructor”.

Close enough. :smiley:

Yeah, they mixed up dome credentials, but still cool in my book. :slight_smile:

I did talk to them after it aired, and they apologized and said on the follow up in about a month they will be sure to get my company name and my association and credentials correct !! hehe

Because of this testing we did at a few schools I am in negotiations with the state to do every single public school in Maryland !!! Now that would be something :slight_smile:


Very cool James. This story is not going away.