In The News Again !!

OK so some of you already no that last Wednesday I was interviewed by ABC News regarding a Local Radon Gas Issue.
Maryland Home Inspection Services - ABC News

Yesterday I was interviewed again after a school PTA meeting where some school officials were giving bogus info to the staff and parents. I told them what I think about what they said…

Maryland Home Inspection Services and ABC News

Also yesterday I was also interviewed by the Washington Post
Jim Keilson , Maryland Home Inspection Services - Washington Post Interview

A few years ago I posted here about my Radon public awareness campaign and most said it couldn’t ever work…yada, yada, well all I can say is this is just the beginning, watch over the next 6 months :slight_smile:

Just an FYI Yes we are getting a boatload of work out of this, set up over 150 tests so far, (just from this school issue) not including our regular Radon testing workhand it’s just the tip of the iceberg…


Nice work!!

Thanks Dave. I started this Radon awareness campaign a few years ago, Nick and Nathan Thornberry said it wouldn’t work. It has taken some time and meeting the right power players in the media world, but I did it and now the payoff is starting to work. I’ve got NBC on board as well, doing interview with them today:)

I even have some people working on some unrelated stories that when released will blow a few people in the industry away, where no spinning will work…all on the way.

I hope you and your family are doing well and Dave, please have a great holiday season my friend.



Excellent Jim!

Good job Jim.

“We’re from the government. We’re here to help. We care about you and are best equipped to make the important decisions affecting your family for you. Trust us. We’ll make all the decisions for you and shield you from seeing any information that you might find disconcerting.”

Good job Jim educating the educators.

“All the levels that were in the previous tests are well below the EPA levels of 100 [pc/l], which is well below the level at which the EPA says you need to be out of the classroom,” :shock:

You and your family have a blessed Holiday Season and I think it is great you are helping so many people. These are the stories that I would rather hear about then most in the news. (saddened of the daily mass shootings)

Glad for you all the best… Roy