CMI Xmas Update


I have taken the week of Christmas off so have not been around much.

We are still working on the site and the sites. For those that want to register go ahead and do so, especially the already existing CMI members.

I am sure we will get things going in full swing very soon into the New Year. Here are some interesting updates for you to review.

Happy New Year to all.


Things are already in full swing. Eligibility criteria is established. Members are in place. What is left to do?


I hear EBPHI’s lawyers sent you a nasty certified letter.

What is this all about?

My little ears out there told me that EBPHI’s lawyers are not too happy with Michael.

Michael; Two things…1./ I’m a CMI from Canada and can’t even register as it only has USA for country??? 2./ I don’t agree with the American Society thing as it’s too one sided unless that is the way its supposed to be. I was understanding it to be for all CMIs? If it is for all, I think you may have to re-think that title/name. I do agree with a post from someone earlier about the society…it does sort of sound like a nice tea club? IMO

I have not been able to follow any of this…

Is this something separate from CMI or is this a part of CMI?

For those of us who are CMI are you asking us to pay out more money?

If this is part of the CMI why would we need to regester again? Shouldn’t we already be placed on the list!

Jason, you are there already:

I still have not received a “Certificate” for CMI…:frowning: I can’t find the post but I remember it saying that they were all mailed out over a month ago.

Perhaps the Postal Service needs to raise their rates again to speed up service. :wink:

Hey John,

Maybe you didn’t get through the peer review.

Hey Darrel, maybe we should start a Canadian C.M.I. associate office?

Will someone look at Michaels new postings at the other
forum he made… and then copy the info to this thread so
we can read them.

I have not been accepted yet on the new CMI forum
and it takes a password to read Michaels updates.

George; thats why I asked if it was for Americans only? Let’s just wait and see what Michael has to say. I’m sure it was to be for everybody…but I could be wrong.

Yeah… I already went out and purchased my golden frame for this certificate.

Where’s our Certificates?

Thanks Nick, I do know about that, but what is the deal with the links in the first post by Michael, that is what I’m confused about?

Michael Rowen is the new president of CMI now. He started a
web page and a CMI forum. It is just birthing at this point.

We are not sure if we should rejoice or cry.

Nick’s post about the lawyers going after Michael is part
of the unfolding drama. Michael is fun to watch but
you might not want your daughter to marry him.

So far, no money is being asked from current CMI, as they
will be grandfathered into the new thingy. But don’t set
your hopes too high.


John, I am showing that you are approved for posting on in the CMI sections as well.


There is no official CMI message board forum aside from this one. Rowan would LIKE to make his commercial message board (which he controls access to and moderates/deletes posts) the official site…but it won’t happen. Will it, Nick?

Michael is focusing on co-op marketing… something I firmly believe in.