First appearance as co-host on a Real Estate Reveiled radio show

Did my first appearance on a local real estate show, Real Estate Revealed in Chicago area on 560 AM, WIND. 8:00 AM on Sundays. The first show was pre-recorded, but the next will be live, will call-ins.

The show features co-hosts of realtors, mortgage broker, appraiser, RE lawyers and insurance broker. We get together and discuss topics and answer questions.

I was kinda scared for the first segment, but picked up as the show went on.

I will try to get the CMI designation and NACHI plugs in where I can.

Comments and constructive criticism is welcome.


Thanks for the post glad for you all the best… Roy

Thanks Will.

I listened to ~ 1/4 of it so far, Will. Nice job and thanks for sharing.

Nice work Will.