CLICK on your STATE to find out where our new radio ads will be running.

We’re also working on getting a date where all the ads will run on the same day so you can inform your real estate agents locally.

I’ll have the signs pinned down by this Friday.

We’re going to do 1500 U.S. radio stations to start with.

I’ll also post a press release designed for you to give your local real estate agents announcing when the ads run so they can get their listings MoveInCertified by then.

Nick, Nothing in NH, how come?

We bought the ad space in one big batch. Next batch will cover other areas and Canada.

Which company did you go with? clear channel by any chance?

Do you have specific stations?

Told you that Radio was the way to go, Nick. :wink:

Will, I did a couple quiet tests after our conversation in Wisconsin.

You were right.

Handled they way you are going about it (with referrals to inspectors and report downloading) as well as pushing pre-listing inspections, it should really take off.

Do you know the stations? Do you have an MP3 of the commercial?

I would council (at least in this area) staying away from the big, expensive stations and consintrating on the little, less expensive ones. A lot more bang for the buck and, in this area at least, much more loyal listeners.

Thanks. This will be big!

I would like to have a copy for my web page… when its ready.:mrgreen:


What should a Realtor or Seller do first? What steps should be taken?
What will you do, send them a sign for the yard??? Will Realtors
advertise the site or just use it as a place to store reports online?

Help me see the bigger picture.

If Nick sends me a logo, I will make up about 5 or 6 signs myself. Lend them to the Realtor. Couldn’t hurt. I have a connection to a guy I know in our Chamber of Commerce who makes signs. They should run about $30.00 each.

Ditto, what stations???
OR at least what broadcast co.

Thanks Nick!

WHat he said! :smiley:

What about the southern Illinois?

Did you mean, “What about southern Illinois?”?

Champaign&Sprngfld-Decatur, Chicago, Davenport-R.Island-Moline, Paducah-Cape Girard-Harsbg, Rockford

Last time I checked, Springfield and Champaign were south.

And Cape Girard is southwest.

Hope this helps.

I see Spokane made the first-string list - that will cover Coeur d’Alene - Thanks, Nick!

Did I miss where / how to log in to MIC?

Nothing to log into at this time, but once we get the signs made we will make a way for you to borrow them using your login.

Got it, Nick-

Nick, Tallahassee is in Florida not Ga.

I see that Miami, Ft. Lauderdale area is on the list is there anyway we can look at the Middle and lower Keys. Like Key West and Big Pine Key? This area is flooded with real estate agents. We have approx. 200-250 agents within a 30 mile span.