COA Orlando CEU Credits

Has anybody found credits posted to your DBPR account yet?

I know they are working on them, by law they have 30 days to input them.

I passed the mold course in February. The credits are still not listed. They must be running way behind.

Which mold coarse?

I was wondering about the certification test for the Orlando COA pool course. I thought we were to get an email link to the test, any thoughts?

Greg, are you talking about the INACHI on line course?

Have you tried to renew your license?


No I have not tried to renew yet. The course is not listed on my dbpr log.

Greg, have you listed your MRS licenses in your profile yet? Without those, the CEU’s won’t get submitted to DBPR.

Everyone go ahead and renew now for only $5 per license, REGARDLESS of ceu status.

It is listed there now.

Thanks for the heads up.

I must have missed it.

Why is it only $5 to renew?

I don’t know why it is only $5.00 - But I have received my new license at that price

Lisa Endza summited credits to Florida on Tuesday, as per her email. Fl. updated my account today. Renewed for $5.00

The answer is in this thread.

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Default Re: HIP Florida Template
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You right the State has been screwing up this biz for quite some time

I took one online course and paid 5 bucks and my license was renewed. Wow…what a hardship!

From HIP Florida Template - Page 2 - InterNACHI Inspection Forum

Yup. :smiley: