Code question: exterior ID label on elec panel

Can someone help with a code reference indicating the requirement for an exterior identification label for electrical panels? I can’t remember if it is OSHA or NEC but can’t seem to find it.



its in the NEC…all panels must be labeled…one of the sparkies will give you exact reference

And if there is solar involved there is even more labeling required

Thanks Russell and Bruce. Waiting for one of our resident sparkies… :slight_smile:

Then you should have posted in the Electrical section.

Here’s a couple****.

E3303.3 Listing and labeling.** **

Electrical materials, components, devices, fixtures and equipment shall be listed for the application, shall bear the label of an approved agency and shall be installed, and used, or both, in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

**E3304.10 Equipment identification. **

The manufacturer’s name, trademark or other descriptive marking by which the organization responsible for the product can be identified shall be placed on all electric equipment. Other markings shall be provided that indicate voltage, current, wattage or other ratings as specified elsewhere in Chapters 33 through 42. The marking shall have the durability to withstand the environment involved.

Thanks Chris but not quite what I’m looking for. To clarify, in a commercial building, each panel should have an exterior identification tag that can be traced back to the buildings electrical drawings so during maintenance when staff needs to shut off breaker 2A in panel 125B, they can locate it. These tags are usually engraved plastic, white or black…I’m sure you’ve all seen them.

Is this required? I thought the NEC mentions this but I sure cannot find it.

I was looking at and this was mentioned. I was thinking you meant residential. 110.22 All circuits and disconnects must be identified. Sorry all I had handy is the 2002 NEC, but it should still be in this area of the NEC

Sorry Russell. I forgot to mention this was for a commercial building.