Label missing/Looking for Manufacturer

The label was missing from panel.

Can someone tell me if they no the manufacturer?


125908 054 (Small).jpg

125908 060 (Small).jpg

125908 058 (Small).jpg

I’m not sure about the one that’s missing it’s cover, but the other is an FPE Stab-lok. . .

Old Murray or Arrow/Hart???

Yes and I am sure you noticed the fine job of taping into the main as they didnt have any open breakers.

I would put money on a GE panel. they used a main lug panel and converted it to a main breaker (Cutting Cost?), is that aluminum branch circuits I see

Aluminum branch circuits? Holy cow. You have some great eyeballs. Those wires could be pasta, for as far as I can tell. I must be getting old, of course, I’m only 34… Can you really tell from them pics? Maybe I need glasses:shock:

It appears at the Neutral bar there are possibly some aluminum and also on the left side of the breakers that is why I was asking the question to clarify that’s all

The aluminum you see at the neutral bar is a ground wire. I noted that the ground should be separated from the neutral on its one lug.
There were no other aluminum wires. All copper.


For beer $, I could go searching thru my files for a pic of one of those with a label. How badly do you need the info? :stuck_out_tongue:
That black lead upper left breaker tapped with the blue copper is not Al?

John Kogel

I do not need the info, But thanks for the offer.
Beer sounds good. What kind do you prefer.

You probably already did this David but it is perfectly fine to place on the report the manufacturer is unknown and only deal with the large amount of safety related defects in this panel.

Knowing you over the years I am sure you explained to them all the issues they face…

Advice I would give to anyone who ends up with a panel they can’t find a manufacturer for…just state that clearly and move onto the defects as it is far better to deal with the defects than trying to pin down maker.

With all the colors arranged in that panel…and with Mr. Pope not knowing since he has ALOT of experience with the colorful zinsco’s…chances are it is just better to put unknown or unable to determine.


It is not often I find the label missing.

I did defer the panel to an electrician due to the missing label, the improper taping of the FPE sub at the main SEC and breaker and I noted the improper connection of the aluminum ground and neutral.

There may of been more issues but I think the client understood. (Or I hope so)

No more room and need a new main panel, or at least have the electrician advise to correct.

Thanks for the kind words.


Click on each pic to get a bigger version of it. Then you can tell what kind of pasta it is :mrgreen:

At this point, Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale is going down good, but I’ll take Bud if that’s what you’re buying. :cool:

Right click, use save picture, save to PaintShop or similar program, then use the magnifyer.
(DM knows this, but he won’t mind sharing the glory) :stuck_out_tongue:

The breakers are I-T-E and I would say the panel is a ITE EQ 12 S made by the ITE Imperial Corp. or poss earlier name ITE Circuit Breaker Company.

IrfanView is a great program for doing that and its free.:mrgreen: