Cold email to Realtors / Property Managers / Mort. Brokers

Can anyone share a cold call email template that they have had success with? I’m just starting out and with COVID the opportunities to meet face to face are pretty much nil.

I thought I would get the ball rolling with an email introduction of me and my company to Realtors, Property Managers and Mortgage Brokers.

Any help / advice is much appreciated!

I’ve used a combination of these and have tailored them for my needs. Whether the agents responded, well thats a different story. But its something to help you get started

Thanks Ryan!

Hi Ryan,
I am restarting up my inspection business too, I worked up in the Chicago area and now I’m down here in Naples Florida. I love your website, who did that for you and thanks for helping with your suggestions. I have a little advantage as I’ve been a realtor here for 4 years, that can help and hurt!

Thanks Victor! My girlfriend and I actually did it ourselves. She did the actual “building”, I gave her a lot of the text and she ran with it! Saved ourselves a small fortune doing it ourselves and I think it turned out really well for neither one of us being website builders