Effective email subject line to agents

Checking to see if any of you could share some subject lines that you had some success with.

Sorry that I can’t help you, Tim.

I never emailed an agent looking for work from them.

“If you want to stay above ground, follow these instructions” might work. :wink:


I am with Larry, I never have.

But, I can think of a couple things such as:

Sunday inspections available. Same day report.
Short notice inspection slots available. Same day report.

In the body, keep it short and sweet. Nachi certified. Click to schedule.

then further down…see my reviews, visit my website etc.


I have emailed tons of agents with marketing info/materials. What is the body of your email going to be about?

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It’s all SPAM to them, just like the CRAP emails we get everyday.


It definitely is spam. I even joke with the realtors about how they are probably tired of deleting my emails. Doesn’t matter though. The idea is just to get your name in front of them a few times so they remember it.


Email marketing is about offering the subject (Realtors) something they want or need.

You just can’t say, here I am, I’m good, please start recommending me. They will delete that and likely resent you for wasting their time.

If you offer something they need, CE classes, discount coupons, a service your competitors don’t offer, warranties, Etc., you may get their attention.

I agree with Ryan Uecker, it’s about getting your name in front of them so when it comes time to refer an inspector you are at the top of their mind.

I know some of you do not like Realtors but they can be a powerful referral source. There are many good Realtors out there that care about their clients are want good inspectors they can recommend.


Agreed. Just do not let them get in your head, right!? :+1:


You will likely not steal a realtor from a competitor unless they really mess up. But, competitors go on vacation, retire, and/or sometimes get too busy. You just want your company name to be in the minds of of agents when their regular inspector is unavailable.


I agree 100% You have to be true to your own values. The realtors that don’t agree with your values will soon stop referring you. That’s fine. Don’t chase after them, you don’t want or need them.

Over time you will develop a good referral base of people that believe in you and you product.


“SUPER-FAST and Favorable Inspection Reports! No on-site inspection required! Just provide the address and a property photo…we’ll fill in the blanks! One hour turnaround!”

Okay - just kidding. But that’s pretty much what it would take to have a Realtor open your email. I’ve had my best luck using periodic social media posts. And yes, maybe a few good responses from my biannual email blasts.

Thanks everyone for your input. Helpful for sure!

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I’ve learned that the big RA agencies are a waste of time, I get a lot of jobs from the little independent agencies. If I see a real estate company in a little run down building, I’m stopping in for a chat.

I delete most emails so I don’t send them.

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I disagree. It’s not spam if you are sending something of value to the agent. I email educational pieces and get replies regularly from agents thanking me. The subject line is just a hook. I never send out cold call advertisements to agents I have not worked with. But even those will accept an educational piece that might be useful to them

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