College enrollment proof

I’ll get to the question at hand asap but i believe may need a little background info to get a relative answer. I’ve recently gotten custody (temp) of my 2 grandchildren until my son & daughter in law get some issues there having straightened out. This being unexpected & sudden during a time I had previously made financial changes to afford to be able to commit to getting my residential inspection certification/license in Alabama. So my wife & I have applied for CMA for help with cost of child care during the day while my wife is at work & I study & maintain our small farm. We’ve been turned down & there reason is im currently unemployed & not actively seeking work or enrolled in college. If interNachi is a nationally accredited “college” & Ive been & am currently a active paying member how or where do I find proof of this to provide CMA with. Also how are the hours or college credit hours work as far as answering the question of how many hours am I currently taking? Hopefully someone has delt with similar issue. I’m not sure what the minimum # of hours is to qualify for CMA cause the local cma coordinator isn’t sure. Go figure. Thanks in
advance. Sean Hubbard

I’m interested to see how this plays out.


Sean, you are a member. Strike one: You did your education. Strike two: You admit you are currently unemployed & not actively seeking work or enrolled in college.

The ‘accepted curriculum’ will be the determining factor. I am sure they are referring to senior high school or university degree.

Look, seek employment through a large home inspection company. This way you will have time at home when you write reports.

Sean, all you probably need is a Letter of Enrollment. Use the contact information that Jeffery posted.

I don’t know what the incomplete baseball analogy is about.

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