Combined breakers

The attached photo is a manufactured home with a Cutler Hammer panel. There are two breakers each with a 50 and 30 amp terminal. Each terminal has the proper size conductor and they are linked together. What is the point of this? Why not just one 30 amp and one 50 amp breaker?

Is there a generator involved with this set up .

No generator.

Looks to me like these are the feed to the panel and the 50 amp is the usual feed and in a power fail they fed the system with the 30 amp breaker .
Could that be what I see ?

It gives you two 2 pole CB’s in two 1" slots instead of four 1" slots.

That’s what they had on truck?

That is just two double pole breakers in the space of one as Robert said. The link assures the outer breakers turn off together. The handle tie is for the inner pair.

I’ve never seen this Cutler Hammer design, but this is exactly how these breakers are supposed to be used – just look at the little diagrams in the lower part of the right half of these two-pole breakers…

Space savers. They’re setup that way in order to get 240 volts for the 50 amp and 30 amp respectfully.