Come on inspectors, Spread the wealth!

Please spread the wealth and donate to your fellow inspectors.

Ron, I am literally not able to this year. If I could, I would. I will try to be back on my feet in 2015. Maybe 1 year from now, I could be in a position to help.

I wish I could, but I am not in any position to be able to help this year.

I am happy to donate some time helping an inspector who is trying to get their website higher in the Google page ranking wars. “NAP” or “Name Address and Phone Number” is really important and I spent quite a few hours working on it.

I feel the same way :frowning: ( but all child in my familly will recieve gifts for sure) . Good luck and a lot of inspections for all of you! Thanks for the party! Cheers with my glass of milk ( pregnant ) !
Merry Christmas!

I’ll take up that offer!

If you wouldn’t mind, I would love some help with Google ranking.

I’ve been trying but keep getting hammered by all the competition, unless I put my entire company name into google:neutral

David if you wouldn’t mind. My site needs help on ranking.

Robert Marouski Jr
CT Pro Inspection LLC

Ha milk;-) Just became a Grandpa last week and my little girl (who parties like Mom and I) was a good mom to be. Little Noah has arrived and we can party on happiness alone for now.

Congratulations Mom!