Wow, is this a nice-looking home inspector website.


Indeed, very nice.

I agree it is pretty but what about SEO .I just did a SEO check for Annapolis which is the first city mentioned at bottom of the home page and it has no rank.
A ugly website with rank beats a pretty one .Think WIX sites or flash sites.
People only click on the first 10 at best.
Pictures are great but first you need them to be seen.What is the target audience ?

Whenever we think of ugly, we think of you… and your websites too. An amazing set of dime-o-dozen sites you got there. I guess if you can’t do quality at least you can do quantity.

The site looks good. Great job on the color scheme.

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Perhaps you should stop stalking my posts. Your infatuation is pretty creepy. I pray to never see that ugly mug in person. Nobody cares what you or your fellow perverts think. Go back to your Trump worship section and stay there. Sorry but the forum is for debate and not low IQ name calling such as exampled here on this thread which normal people can see was instigated by you and followed up by the comments of your underage buddy Fetty. The many members can see the same half dozen goofballs from NFE trying to bully the rest. You sir are expert at nothing except in your own little head between those strange ears.

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That’s a nice looking site, very professional as well.

My new site should be done around the middle of next month.

Search rank isn’t necessary in many cases. Some inspectors drive most of their website traffic from their own marketing, presentations, business cards, brochures, custom “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspector” books, emails, eNewsletters, etc.

Home inspectors have to think Blitzkrieg.

Nick is right. SEO generates leads, the website itself converts the leads. If they get the traffic (either through SEO, emails, cards, etc) that site will convert those leads.


And remember folks, we don’t sell washing machines. A home inspector’s marketing (website, brochure, etc.) is in most consumers’ minds a preview of the inspection report they are going to get. If you have some crappy home inspection flyer that you and your spouse created at home on your inkjet printer, consumers are only going to naturally assume that your inspection report will be of similar quality.


Or to continue with the WWII reference, too many look at Germany’s poor decisions to have multiple battle fronts against too many countries at one time as a major reason Germany became overwhelmed and lost (aside from Hitler being just evil and crazy). Or looks at the Roman Empire or Napoleon who eventually met similar fates, in part, due to taking on too much, declaring war on too many counties, and over exerting themselves

But those lessons don’t apply to marketing. You can’t just have one front, one battle, one item to take on. You have have multiple marketing angles in the works at all times, because they all feed off each other and work together.

I get many leads that start off as a referral, who them look me up online, then on social media, and check out my reviews before decided the referral is legit. Agents technically are supposed to give three names, and when the client researches the three names, you have to have something out there to be researched. Outside of referrals, a social media post can spark someone to click a link, see your site, read a blog article, that turns into a phone call. I find many clients that I thought came from once source, came from another source, but the source I though they came from was actually just the final nail that made them decide I was the one.

Though, I will say, there is one lesson that CAN be learned from the above history lessons: Don’t take on too much territory at once. I do see many new inspectors try to take too much geographically areas at one time, and run themselves ragged driving all around and they can’t get a foothold in anywhere because they’re trying to be everywhere at once. I found limiting myself marketing wise to specific areas helped me focus my message and got more people to buy in. I also learned to adapt, and let go of some areas that didn’t make as much sense as I once thought, and concentrate on some neighborhoods I didn’t originally consider but I was getting phone calls from.

I use ISN to schedule jobs… but what are Chuck & Bob talking about when they say DASHBOARD