New Sheriff Approaching

Here I come :wink: See pic. See you all in Orlando, Vegas and possibly 3 Days of Secrets. If anyone knows how many is signed up for 3 Days of Secrets (Mike Crowe) let me know.

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Who searches for “home inspector office staff”?



lol You guys would be surprised. :wink: Point is I’m trying to show you how fast I can get indexed by targeting key words. Right now my “code” title has office staff in it since we are a lot more than just a call center. I also offer affordable websites and inspection report software all with no upfront fees or contract agreements. I may change it to call center since I do agree a lot of you would look for home inspector call centers.

PS… Let me point out to during this month I have come to realize there are alot more inspectors out there than what’s just in the associations. I have found many who do not even belong to one and I’m getting calls from several who simply never chat here “only browse”.

Last year I believe there were about 200.

When you come to Orlando are you going to join Nick and come the the local chapter meeting in south Florida, Venice?


You aren’t in the first 10 pages for any keywords I would actually search for when looking for the services you offer.

I am not trying to mean. I am just being honest.

***Image Experts Web/Logo/SEO ***:p:p


The site is still brand new. Give it time. No site will pop up for several search terms overnight regardless what anyone tells you. Could take days could takes several months. What are you searching for? Keep in mind the site is targeted towards office staff for home inspectors right now which as you can see I ranked really quick. I think I may switch it over to call center. What terms are the top 3 you would search for? You guys seem to forget I am #1 for several terms with my home inspection site but just like any site that didn’t happen overnight. Again there is no overnight magic wand and this post as not meant to state that. I know I only come up for what I targeted right now and it will take time for my site to be indexed for other things especially related to my website offering and software offering. If you build it yourself I HIGHLY recommend you guys read Dom’s tips on SEO or you’re just spinning your wheels.

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Thanks Nathan! I really appreciated it to. When I explained to both what I had to offer, what to expect from SEO, and that I was indeed ranked very well on my own HI site both signed up without hesitation. Thanks again.

Is that your one time free tip? :stuck_out_tongue:

Giggle all you want gents. Rest assured I bet sooner or later I’ll be hosting/managing one or more of your websites :wink:

Now that’s funny.
Just like Dingleberry is gonna fire the pledgers.
Do you drink or smoke pot Billy???

Why? Is Nathan buying those (hosting) companies up also? How much stake does he have in your biz?

0 stake. Just making an observation. :wink:

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About 4 dollars cheaper a year. Not bad. And no renewal increase. Thanks Nathan.

How much do you want to lose. The only people that will use your services are the ones that don’t know any better.