Coming from Canada? I'll pay for your hotel too!

I’ll personally pay for your hotel accomodations and lunch when you come from Canada to this free 2-day training course:

[FONT=Arial]I live further than those in Ontario! ;-)[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]This looks like it will be a Good Course! {To bad I will be in Houston.} [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]The “Face” of NACHI is changing and…… for the better! [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]:nachi:Keep up the Good Work! :nachi:[/FONT]

I’d cover your accomodations too Frank. What are you doin’ in Houston?

Nick, you are very generous… Very nice!!

That is a Fabulous offer,

Nick,your the man!!! not any other organization for home inspectors would do that for their members,except suck them dry with costly courses, high dues/fees and nothing in return

Nick is always giving something away to somebody! Just this one offer, alone, is worth ten years of paying membership fees to INachi, and INachi’s membership rates are 1/2 the price of some other associations who give almost nothing in return. I sense the same spirit in Allen Cavdek, CanNachi’s co-founder. He is a giver, and a visionary, and if we, as part of team CanNachi, can emulate our U.S. counterpart, and fine-tune certain areas from a Canadian perspective; I think men and women will be lined up by the 100’s , filling out applications for membership to Canada’s
" Blue Ribbon " of inspection associations…" Blue Ribbon " is synonomous with…the judges 1st choice…Best in Show…industry leader…A-1…1st class…The association of associations! etc.,etc., etc…Help!..Slow me down!..I’m getting fired up!

and if Harold shows up to the training besides Nick buying lunch/Harold will buy the drinks…kidding, :slight_smile:

Wow, looks pretty impressive!

First and foremost I would like to thank you for your generous offer. Many of our NACHI for members do not realize how truly generous you are.
It has been my pleasure to watch the NACHI online video educational program “grow” from a fledging program with the to be expected little “bumps in the road” to a more professional and comprehensive educational system.

Watching the earlier video training and comparing them to what we see today is like “night and day”.

I am sorry that I’m going to miss this particular program but I hope to be able to take you up on some other future offers.

As to my trip from New Hampshire to Houston … my mother will be 94 years old this February. She has been in a Skilled Nursing Facility {AKA Nursing Home} in Houston Texas for the last nine years.
{I grew up in Houston and moved to New Hampshire in 1985.}

In the last several months my brothers have called me to tell me that she is in frail health and that I need to go see her “now”.

As you may or may not know I am a recognized Expert Witness in the judicial systems of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and the state of Maine.

At the present time I’m involved with three different trials. One of the trials involves the carbon monoxide deaths of a 53-year-old man and his 16-year-old son.
Needless to say with my inspections, consulting services, and preparation/research for my Expert Witness testimony my calendar has been filled to the brim.

That being said… I have one and only one mother so I have informed “all parties” that I have cleared my “Business Calendar” from December the fifth until New Year’s Day.

So the bottom line is… I’m going to Houston for “Closure” and to say goodbye to my mother while she still recognizes me.

…and how about chips and Bromo Seltzer, Mr. Cavdek ?

I think you’d be making a serious error in judgement, if you made any other decision, Frank!

Frank, sorry to hear this…

blessings to you and your mother Frank

Hi Nick
If your not joking Ill show up.:slight_smile:
This course looks amazing.
Let me know who I need to contact.


Sorry to hear that.

Quote Harold J. Lowe:
I think you’d be making a serious error in judgement, if you made any other decision, Frank!
[FONT=Arial]I agree with you. I have been “self-employed” for the last 38 years and I realize that “Business Is Business” and that you should do everything in your power to maintain a successful business. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]That being said… I also realize that I have one and only one mother and I would not trade all of the success in the world for the next few days that I will be spending with her.[/FONT]

Quote Mark A. Timpani:
Frank, sorry to hear this…
[FONT=Arial]I thank you for your kind words. I asked that all of my NACHI Brothers keep my Mother in your prayers.[/FONT]

Quote Allen Cavdek:
Blessings to you and your mother Frank
I thank you for your blessings and I also ask that you keep her in your prayers.

Quote David L. Cook:
Sorry to hear that.
I want to thank you for your concern and your kind words.

To my NACHI Brothers,
I want to thank you for the private messages, e-mails and words of encouragement that you have sent me.
Your thoughts, words and Prayers are greatly appreciated and mean a lot to me.

By for now.

Warmest regards, Frank

Thanks about setting me up so quick. However…
Sorry about having to cancel already, and thanks for your response.
I will definitely be at next one.
Nick, thanks for the offer. This would have been an excellent course to catch.

It’s official.

Nick has lost his mind.

Anyone going from Canada? I’d be interested to hear from you. I’m planning on going. Might be wise to check flights from Buffalo (much cheaper).