WHY should I have to travel to Toronot?

Why is Toronto the center of the universe? Why does NACHI bring most of their courses and seminars to Toronoto? Why not Ottawa?

If I want to attend a one day SEMINAR, I have to travel to Toronto, pay for a Hotel room, Gas, food, the cost of the seminar so it costs me $500 bucks or more.

If they would stop in Ottawa, it would cost a third of that!

Even OAHI will bring their courses and seminars to Ottawa from time to time!

I’m guessing you will not attend the convention in May 2007?

Not likely. But travelling for a convention is entirely different topic. I talking about travelling to Toronto for a one day seminar!

Is there not enough members in the Ottawa area to bring the seminar here?

Does any one know how many members there are in the Ottawa area?

There isn’t even an Ottawa chapter!

That’s your job Christopher,start one up!!! How can you not make it to the Toronto convention.This is the place to get all your questions answered by Nick,Deanna etc.I would reconsider.

Christopher ;A check of inspectorseek shows 14 NACHI HI’s in Ottawa but your name does not apear on the list.Maybe it’s time to try and start a chapter.

This is 180 degree turn around from your,Aug.31post, you posted that you would make the trip from Ottawa for a Toronto chapter meeting [one day] this would be the same thing for a seminar!

Huh?, how is that?.. I paid my membership dues. It should be Nick and NACHI that organizes these things?

Get my questions answered? I’ve been asking “what about Ottawa” for some time without really a decent response.

If did go through all the work to organize a Ottawa chapter, what support would I get, how do I get a hold of the Ottawa members and what is in it for me?

Mario don’t be so anal!

This is for the Mold certification course - not seminar!

You get to go to the HVAC and Plumbing course in Ottawa :wink:
I for one would go.

:smiley: … so would I,… if it were in Ottawa.


Anal? Look who is being anal,you are the one that started this tread!!Now that’s ANAL!!!

Nick and NACHI do not organize chapter events, or anything other than national conventions for the most part. If you want something in Ottawa, do what the people in Toronto do and organize it. NACHI will support you the way it supports all other operating chapters, which is well.

You’ll have to ask the organizers in Toronto about what’s in it for them (you).:roll:

This thread is not anal because it has merit! It is a valid compaint!!!

**You **are the one digging through old threads to see if I may have said something that may discredit what I am saying in this thread!!! That is the definition of ANAL!!

Think about it. :roll:


Can you clarify what you mean by “what’s in it for me”

Well, I have a business to run so I’m busy. So, if I’m going to take on another job - what is in it for me? My time is worth money,… thats business 101.

I don’t mind coaching kids hockey, helping friends of mine build their house, giving back to the community in a varity of ways, etc, etc,… thats different… but when I pay to be a part of an association of this nature I don’t expect to have to work for them for nothing! I expect that the association should be the front runner in starting up the Ottawa chapter and then the support will come from the members. After all, people paid $$ so where does the money go?

I actually could care less if you make it to Toronto for a mold course seminar,or the convention.Ultimately it will be your loss.

As far as digging through your old posts,I neither have the time or the interest,the only reason I mentioned that is because you posted that you would be at the Toronto chapter meeting on one of your posts.And I remembered. I might add that I posted telling you that that meeting was over and done with 5 months prior to you wanting to attend.[read your post again]and read my response.

And a final word,You begin your thread with WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO TRAVEL TO TORONTO the answer is simple you live in OTTAWA


So you would like to get paid for running a chapter.Business 101 wow!!!

This is my last post to you.Time is money!!!

Been a member of OAHI and see the cost,s have seen what they do not do for their members .
You should try the other Canadian association and you will soon see the returns from NACHI are very Superior and cost a lot less .
I made over 40 the trips to Toronto for education and know what the cost’s are .
If you expect to be in the Industry you must do your best to get education where ever you live .
I never missed a Toronto(±40) or a Kingston(20) Meeting when I was with the other association .
I have attended NACHI seminars in Bradford (2),Kingston (15),Bowmanville(3), Barrie,Syracuse, Erie and Florida and you think Toronto is a long way away, and lots of them .
How many NACHI meetings have you been to to be so upset with NACHI.
Remember YOU are NACHI if You do not make NACHI succeed the YOU are the looser.
Roy Cooke A very Happy NACHI member ( always glad to help all )

Cost assiociated with OAHI compared to NACI is an entirely different topic. All I am saying is why are there no seminars, meetings, courses or workshops in Ottawa? Is it due to low memberships? If it were to come to Ottawa then I would attend regularly. But I cannot afford to drop 5,6,7 hundred bucks ever time I turn around.

Thanks for the info about how to get proper training/education, but don’t you think complaining to make it easier and less expensive is a good idea? :wink:

So you would like to get paid for running a chapter.Business 101 wow!!!

Paid? Is that what I said? Nope it is not!

Good idea :smiley: