Coming soon from Porter Valley Software:

:smiley: Would that be a $99.00 special?:smiley:

I was told it would be out in January. :look-up:

Joe, and all… This first NACHI special edition is the current version 3.06 of InspectVue including narratives by Keith Swift that have been modified specifically for NACHI content and a few other “goodies” specific to this special edition. Just like our other InspectVue products, as we release new updates and versions, all current users will get them for free for the first year. After the first year the cost is $250.00. No Gold, Silver, etc service contracts. No ups or extras, everything is included.


Thanks Lorne! I’m looking forward to the NACHI special version.

How are narratives modified for NACHI use?

Erol, I hope they aren’t. Why would narratives be changed based on association membership?

Lorne, When is the Long awaited for New Release of InspectVue gong to be ready? If you are waiting to do Vista changes to the software, couldn’t the XP Version be released and the Vista parts added as a later upgrade? I for one will wait for VISTA SP2, before I use it for anything important.

The modifications to the original versions of InspectVue for Residential, Commercial, Fire and our corporate versions needed to be updated to be used with VISTA so we had to stop development on the new versions till this was completed. We are now back on development of the new verisons to be released soon. We continue to update our current versions however, about every three to four weeks!

A number of the narratives are being modified to have specific content for NACHI, based on the NACHI Standards of Practice instead of “Industry Standards.”


Lorne is creating a new site for NACHI members:

Lorne, will those of us with the current version need to update our version
of InspectVue Classic, to comply with the NACHI changes?
or will there be a simple library replacement?

Steven, I’ll answer for Lorne. The answer is “no.” None of our updates, etc, will ever affect our users libraries. (That would be disastrous). No doubt you’ve already tweaked yours to read “NACHI standards.” However, as you know, out of the box, it said something like: “insert the name of your organization”], etc, etc.

Thanks Keith, I was thinking that the version of InspectVUE that I have had
to be modified somehow to “keep it in sync” with the NACHI changes, but if I have already done that (I have) using the
NACHI SOP’s, and contracts etc. then, I’m Happy.

Is the XP version ready? If so, why can’t you just release that version?

It’s here!

I don’t mean to throw rocks but shouldn’t the sample home inspection report from InspectView be written to NACHI Standards of Practice? I couldn’t help but notice that the InspectVue Residential NACHI Edition sample was written to ASHI standards. Does this imply the official standards for NACHI reporting software is ASHI’s Standards of Practice?

This is the sample report that was written before the NACHI version was released. I will create a NACHI sample report later today. You can download a demo version of the software at

Is the NACHI addition the new Version of InpectVue that we’ve been waiting for? I thought there was a new version of InspectVue coming out that replaces the Classic, when can we expect that or is the NACHI version it?