Commercial Inspection Presentation

Anyone got a powerpoint or other presentation directed at Commercial Realtors only for commercial Property.

I have hundreds of past commercial inspection reports I can email to a realtor who might be interested in my services with the consent of the buyer I did the report for, and their phone number to call for a reference.

Works very well, if you have not done a commercial property inspection, simply make a sample report, a good one…because it sells jobs.

done several, have those, to wordy for an on scree slideshoe/powerpoint presentation.

I’ll make my own if need be just hopping to save a little time…


I know hundreds of commercial realtors across the United States, I have yet run into one that did not know exactly what a commercial inspection involved, but I have run into many who wondered how my reports are presented, so I was just wondering what you might think a presentation in powerpoint would accomplish.

Are you looking for new commercial realtors?..something for your website?

Some people really love a power point slide show Dale, I have yet to meet any but I hear they are out there.

I tried…:smiley:

new realtors and more industrail commercial technical inspections. I was an industrail engineer, once upon a time…

Power point should be simple and just give a visual for someone to look at while I am speaking. The enviroment is to a large group, more of a lecture than a conversation. I have reports, I’m looking for something else.

Thanks for your input Dale.

I understand now Scott, by the way?..have you contacted Marcus & Millichap in Portland? do they send me business, not from Portland, but from numerous cities across the country. Great company to do business with, extremely professional, and always good clients.

Marcus & Millichap Inc](
1800 SW 1st Ave # 110
Portland, OR 97201
(503) 220-2333

Wow, I’ll look them up here. Very kind of you. If you’re ever in the NW I owe you a beer.