Commercial Inspection Presentation

I have decided to launch the commercial inspection side of my business. I have been a commercial property inspections for insurance companies for 7 years. I recently had a realtor come up to my booth at our local Association of Realtors marketing meeting, and he contacted me to do a presentation in his office for 10-15 minutes.

I have been searching online and InterNACHI for presentation ideas. I dont have a sample report. I cant use my commercial reports from insurance inspections, plus I don’t have many of my pictures anymore. I gave him some of our marketing material, but he stated its pertains more to residential.

I was wondering if someone had a presentation floating around or any ideas, I’m not asking for someone to do it for me or copy there work. Just need an idea. I found the InterNACHI presentations online by there more home inspections.

Thanks for all who help me on this forum daily:D

Bump this… Made a presentation this after noon, My wife helped me:D

Good for you Shawn! What did your presentation cover?

Aspects of commercial inspections, what our company inspects, my qualifications, inspections services we provide for commercial clients, and why we hire subcontractors for additional inspections. just a small presentation, I have a meeting with a commerical REA and his team on Jan 12th, There interested in me and my company. Not many HI’s up here do commercial full time. There’s so many of us up here, I had to branch into something that alot of them aren’t in. I was a commercial inspector for insurance companies for 7 years, prior to starting my company and getting my HI license.

Still learning this side of the business, but as far as inspecting and report writing, I should be fine.

Good luck my friend!

Good for you Wives are great Mine did over 1500 inspections with me worked great for us .

Merry Christmas to all … Char and Roy

Thanks Dave and Roy :smiley: Happy Holidays to the both of you.


Your presentation should be your sample report…you don’t need anything else.

Drop them off at large commercial brokerage firms, and the small firms too…hit Marcus & Millichap, CB Richard Ellis, etc, etc; the larger offices.