Commerical Reporting Software

What software are you guys using for your commercial reporting? I am looking to change what I am using for residential and am wondering if there is a program that works well for both, or if I should buy separate programs. I am really only doing light commercial normally less than 15,000 s/f and it’s only about 15% of my business. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

HomeGauge…There is a Commercial Template available and you cna modify and make your own templates to suit your personal needs. The software and the support is amazing!!!

Thanks Scott! I do offer HomeGauge with many templates to choose from such as Commercial (retail) or Multifamily which you can duplicate rooms, units etc as many as you need. Or you can build your own template easy with HomeGauge.

Soon to be released is version 4.0 our latest and greatest upgrade that will also include the commercial ASTM E 2018 template including ADA (American with Disabilities Act) inspection form. The ASTM commercial template is our first template we will charge extra for ($195) which will include a licensed copy of the ASTM Standards from ASTM. There is no reason to consider two separate software systems when HomeGauge can do both Residential and Commercial.

Russell Buchanan

will the ASTM E 2018 template be included for gold and platinum users?

I just looked and it comes with the software.