Compact Ladder

Anyone use one of the Werner compact ladders? I have a LG but its so heavy and bulky I don’t like to use it much. This one weighs a little over half of the LG, reduces down to about 9’ but not as flexible as LG no step ladder option. Just curious?

(Edit) this is an extension ladder with 3 sections that extends from 9 -24’ it does not convert to a step ladder like the LG type ladders

I use the Werner gorilla style but find it very heavy and actually hurts my shoulder muscles.Have the 24 foot and need to look for a lighter version.

Do not care for lack of claw feet or the top heaviness.Have been using it a few years now however and the price is right plus fits in the Kia.

(edit) your link goes to an extension ladder)
For an extension you are actually better to get a fiberglass non conducting material.

I have the Warner 12’ and the 22’. The 12 is actually 11 so it does not get you in a 12’ high ceiling access panel. Both Have extendable step ladder and extension ,weight about 30 lbs and are inexspensive.


I have the 16’ Werner compact and love it, money well spent. I am looking at getting the 24’ version. This 3 section 24’ version will allow me to to haul a 24’ ladder without ladder racks.

Yep My LG weighs in at approx 60# just too heavy and awkward to carry, thats why the compact extension ladder looked good, it has a good reach and yet is small when retracted and weighs about half the of the LG

Bob yep its an extension ladder but has three sections so retracted its about 9’ long with a full extension of 24’ and a weight of +/- 30lbs

Randy thanks for the feedback good to get some feedback from actual use. I bought the LG after seeing a demo at a home show, the demo was with the smaller version looked like just the ticket but I opted for the larger size figured I would only need one ladder, Wrong, found it was a lot of effort to use although there are times when its flexiblity have come in handy.

Ive got a telesteps, telescoping ladder. It weighs about 20 lbs. and extends to 13’ with a max weight of 350 lbs. Its perfect as it collapses to about 4’ and fits in the back of the work car.
Very rarely do I run into a home that has a roof that I cannot get onto. The ladder has rubber bumpers on the top rung and very thick rubber feet that grab onto all different types of flooring. Over a thousand inspections and havent slipped once (knock on wood).
If anyone is interested, check out…dont go for the silver/aluminum telescoping ladder, I tried it and it is a piece of junk!

Same here. Extend and Climb 12.5’ ladder, 23 lbs., 3’x16"x 4" when collapsed. It fits in my truck’s toolbox at the front end of my bed. It goes everywhere with me.

In 2-3 years there have been less than 5 roofs I could get onto. I had a LG before and if I really need to I could bring it along if there were a 2-story I couldn’t reach. I love the telescoping ladders. Forget all these bulky extension ladders, work smarter not harder. :slight_smile:

I have a 24 ft extension ladder, a 6 ft step ladder and I just added a LG M22 to the inventory. The LG weighs 38 lbs and have wheels so its easy to carry it around.

Ladder needs are dictated by vehicle and types of properties you inspect.

Telesteps 12’ and 15’-great ladders

I have heard horror stories about telescoping ladders, Linas :stuck_out_tongue:

After working construction for so many years then getting into inspections and buying a LG knock off I have to say I almost HATE the LG. It’s heavy, bulky and the flared top makes getting on and off of roofs harder and more dangerous. I do want to figure out who does marketing for LG…they are amazing…they talked 100’s of inspectors into buying their bulky ladders. The ONLY benefit I see is getting by without ladder racks…

What model LG do you have? The only bad thing i heard about LGs is the little bit of flex in extension configuration on older models.

Like what, falls, failures? I’ve not had one problem personally.


Yes, I have heard/read about mechanical failures causing falls. Mostly associated with the locking mechanism.

A story here:


“Inspectors should be aware that accidents have happened due to failure of the pins, which can be difficult to detect in advance. Some inspectors refuse to use telescoping ladders for this reason”

I, personally have not met anyone having problems with these ladders and I hope it stays that way but I am just reluctant to use telescoping ladders.

Stay safe.


Does the 24’ foot, 3 section ladder extend up to 24’ high or are they restricted to 20’ because of they have 3 sections.
3 x 8’ feet equals 24’.
That means each section has to be 9’ feet or nine rungs with the lock on the last rung. Even with an 8 foot box they are hard to place in an angle when you are loaded with gear.
You should have 36" above any surface to use for approaching and dismounting onto your ladder.

Randy, Little giants are not good? I have 3.
I enjoy the wider foot base and the ability to manipulate the ladder into a step ladder on uneven surfaces.
My 2 cents.