Little Giant Pro series Ladder

Does anyone use the little giant pro series ladders? I’ve always used the standard fiberglass extension ladders. I’m thinking of changing my company van to a smaller one possibly to a HHR cargo. Not sure about just yet though. Anyways, how does the ladder feel as far as getting up there on a 2 story roof? I was looking at the 26 foot little giant pro black series. Its traveling height is 6.5 feet. about 54 lbs. My fiberglass Werner 24ft is 59.4 lbs and needs to be on the roof of my Express Van.

I have the little gialnt mine is the XE series so its only 22 feet (maybe 19?) in any case that thing is awesome. Very sturdy feeling when extende or as a step. get the leg leveler attachement comes in handy.

I have 12 ft Xtend and Climb, 22ft Little Giant, and 28ft Werner Fiberglass extension.

The 22ft Little Giant gets me on 90% of the roofs. It is a great ladder.

I carry the 15.5 ft Xtend N Climb, and bothe the 15 ft and 23 ft LG’s. The LG’s are great ladders, but rarely come out of the truck.

I have the little giant 22’ and I just bought a 28’ extension ladder. The 28’ foot is so much easier to use. You can not extend the LG’s while its standing up. So if you need it fully extended to get on a roof, then you need a lot of clearance. I wish I would I have bought a smaller cheaper LG and an extension ladder from the beginning. I carry around my 28 foot on a mini van and the LG inside. You should have no problem carrying around the extension ladder on the HHR cargo. Just install a ladder rack on it.

Adrian steel is the ladder rack I use currently. I also have a 28 ft. Not sure why I put the 24ft on here. :slight_smile: I had a 24ft before and traded up to the 32ft but found it was a little heavy and too much for what I was doing. So I went to a 28ft and it feels about right. I just picked up a 26 LG pro series for $389 with a leveling stand - no taxes and Free Shipping. I considered the Werner but I’m silly and liked the black LG Pro look a little better. Booked 3 inspections today screwing around on the computer. LOL

Why not. I have a 22’ Werner, same style as LG, only difference is it’s lighter.

No problem fully extending it when in vertical position.

I have done it in tight squeezes but I had to do it one leg at time. I raise it one leg, put one lock it, reset my arm, remove the lock and raise it another leg. It’s a pain. With my new extension, I just stand it up and pull the rope. Looks like Justin already bought the LG. He looks like he can handle it better than I could though.

Is there an easier to way to do it because I was fully extending it first and then walking it up. Easy, but not great in tight spots.

What I do is unfold it, start at the bottom rung (step) and extend that section fully, flip it around, do the same with other section.

Can be tough in tight spots, but generally no problem at exterior.

does the xtend & climb get you on to a roof ok? I would think around here anyway it may be just short, but i rarely measure the roof edge. Seems like an easier ladder to tote around though.

In most cases, yes. I walk almost every roof, and like I sad, the LG’s rarely come out of the truck. Usually, second story roof-access can be obtained without a ladder from the first story roof, or with the Xtend N Climb from a deck or balcony. If not, I pull out the LG.

I have 2 ladders that I’ve been using for the last 5 years, and they’ve served me very well.
Similar to what other guys are using,
I carry a smaller Extend N’ Climb into the house with me, for getting into tight attic access locations, and I think it goes up to about 12’.
It’s especially useful in closets, where the hatch or scuttle is straight above the clothes in the closet…
I also have a 22’ Little Giant Fiberglass ladder that I keep in the bed of the truck, for accessing roofs.
Its a very safe ladder in both the “A” frame standup method, as well as fully extended.

I carry the 15.5 ft Xtend N Climb, M26 LG, and a Werner 32 ft. I use the Xtend on most inspections. The LG is a great ladder it is hard to use in the extended role, but is too versatile not to have. The Werner is just good to have for the high roofs.

That’s about 10lbs heavier than the 22ft. I doubt that you could tilt it fully extended without having someone hold the bottom in place. Raising / lowering the last section vertically always leaves me worried about breaking fingers or thumbs.

This guy struggles a bit with the 26 footer (listen to him huffing and puffing by the time he is done).

I love my 22ft, but the reality is it usually stays in the truck (I do use it a home a lot), while I use my Telesteps and 32ft extension in the field. I do use the LG on inspections occasionally, but it’s usually too big and heavy for the small roofs and too short for the tall ones.

You should check out Little Giant’s new fiberglass articulating ladder: Little Giant Conquest.

It’s designed specifically for home inspectors and insurance adjusters. Already adopted by State Farm and Allstate for mobile adjusters. Just a heads up though, you don’t want to buy them from this web site, contact Little Giant and tell them where you buy your ladders; e.g., Grainger, Fastenal, etc. They can sometimes arrange free field trials, depending on the size of your fleet.

You’ll get a much better price.

P.S. In the interest of full disclosure, I am an employee of Little Giant Ladder Systems.

I like it! How about you send us one to demo at the convention in Orlando.

My problem here in St. Louis second story is not a typical two stories. It’s about 2.5 or almost 3 stories to gain access.

Yes, I have the Werner equivalent of a 26’ little giant and it is a two-man job to get it fully extended…

We will have a Little Giant Conquest at the Orlando convention for all to check out.