Ladder Help

Anyone out there using this ladder? Pro’s and con’s? Thanks.
Werner Ladder

Hi, Ian. I’ve had that ladder for 2 - 3 years. It’s a little heavy but I’ve used it for some high roofs.

Mostly it sits in the garage and is used to clean out the chimney at my place since I bought the Extend and Climb 15.5 footer. Usually I can get where I need to with the 15.5.

I like this 12 ft one, fits in my trunk and easy to get upstairs for attic scuttles etc.

Bulky and heavy but great to have. Just make sure you also carry a light weight ladder(s) as well.

I believe this Warner is a knock off of the Little Giant. I have been using the little giant ladder ever since I started and love the ease of use and safety.

Go to Lowe’s and look at the one’s they have. Mine is made by Cosco. I have worked off ladders all my life and these are the safest ones I have found. Yes a little heavy but I am very comfortable on it. Lowe’s and Sam’s Club have them for around $100. The 14 ft fits nice in a trunk.

I have a 17 foot one. The reason why I did not go longer is because I use for accessing attics also. I should had bought one years ago.

I use that ladder a little heavy and bulky to carry inside, but sturdy. I like it just the same.

Agree. It’s bulky and heavy.

I started with the 17 footer and wasn’t able to hit most roof in my area. I then went out and got the 22 footer. It’s heavy and awkward, but I can hit most roofs in the suburbs now or at least get to the eaves. It’s pretty versitile too it you buy the extra scafolding brackets. For really tight attic hatches, I take the wider extension pieces off and am able to fit in much tighter spaces. Don’t think you are going to do much roof to roof hopping with this beast. I had to pull it up onto a second story roof once. Never again!

I am looking for a lightweight 3 sectional fiberglass ladder to hit the high roofs here in Philly.

Lowes has them cheaper than the price on the website you posted.

I’ve had the 17’ version for 2 years now without issues, that being said you can pick up the 22’ ladder cheaper

I have 4 little giants that I used when I was doing stucco.

The are heavy but very safe just like the others have stated.

BK could probably fall off one tho! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got 2 ladders. They’ve gotten me everywhere I need to go.

The LG (22’) was a little pricey but well worth it.

The Costco knockoff (about 12’) was only $96.00 at Wal-Mart about 7 years ago. It’s the one that goes in the house for attics when necessary. It also gets me on about 90% of the roofs. The LG takes care of another 5% and then there’s the 5% I just don’t get on. IF I had to have only one ladder, it’d be the Costco knockoff.


Thank you guys. Lots of great replies. So, to refresh here. I personally do need the 22 footer for some other work that I do. And several of you have stated that I can get it cheaper at Lowe’s. sounds good, thanks again guys, I appreciate it very much.

I got a 3’ fiberglass step ladder. I’ve always felt it gets me anywhere I wanta go and is easy to carry.

Does that thing swivel and come with a backrest?:cool: :cool:


I had a Telesteps which almost killed me—broke in half, and I weight 175 lbs…ever since I been using my Gorilla Ladder (the longest they make), and will not use anything else in the future after that episode----:shock:…it’s heavy as hell but worth the weight in gold.

I have the small Werner fiberglass step ladders 6 & 8 ft. also, but I would not trust anything but the Gorilla for roofs.

Geez o pete. :shock: Ladder incidents are scary. Once I was on telescoping 28 foot tying in eaves on a two story over a walk out basement. The brackets decided they needed to break off on me. Lucky for me it collapsed evenly and simply slid me all the way down the wall with me still grasping onto to the thing with all my power. When that thing hit ground, I jumped off and told my boss I was taking the rest of the day off. I bought new underwear on the way home.

I use a JAWS 26 (which extends to 23’-11")(www.jaws**** and a Telesteps for short climbs and attic hatches. The LG ladder with wide feet was copied off the Jaws ladders, I believe.

Had A JAWS 22 (their tallest then) in 1985 and still use it around the house and lend it to friends. In great shape; only replaced a couple of spring latches with a rubber foot needing replacement soon.