I’ve been thinking about getting a new ladder but having trouble deciding between the little giant and Gorilla ladders. I have been using a 20’ extension ladder outside and 6’ step ladder inside (both fiberglass) but want to switch to something that can fit inside my rig and with more versatility.
Has anyone used both? Any words of wisdom? Know of any place where someone can go to try out ladders? I really hate the idea of buying a new (possibly quite expensive) ladder without know what it’s like to work with.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

as this is your living going cheap is not a good idea .
I have a little Giant 11 years still works great . My son same thing 22 years no troubles

I have a Werner but would go Little Giant next time.
Bad thing is these ladders do not have claws for slippery or icy surfaces like real ladders do.

I have a Gorilla that hasn’t left my garage in 4 years. It’s a good sturdy ladder, and I feel completely safe on it, but, overall, my extension ladder if much more convenient (and lighter).

Hi Matthew. I currently use a Little Giant and also own the smaller Gorilla. I feel perfectly safe on either. The Gorilla seems to hold lubrication better so the hinges and pins can go longer before I have to re-oil. The Little Giant has some slack in the main hinge that I notice when using as an extension. That took a little getting used to. I had a Werner 26 footer, but it was just way too heavy to handle when using fully extended. I loved the way it worked and how stable it was. If I was buying right now, I would get another Werner. You are paying for a name with Little Giant, not necessarily more quality. Not that it isn’t a quality ladder, but the others are made quite well also.

Instead of OIL try Endust Yes the stuff momma uses on her furniture . Little Giant recommends this and It is all I use works great… Roy
Works well for vinyl and Alum widows too

Extension ladders :slight_smile:

I agree.
Wish it would fit on my Sportage as there is no ladder rack for them.Do not trust the luggage rack with no side guards.
Spent years with ladders on top and know better that to just trust bungee cords.

See for yourself about the little giant

I bought a ladder like that… I wanted to drive a smaller vehicle. In short, I put the ladder racks back on the truck and both extension ladders. The multipurpose ladders seem to work well as a scaffold and such as well. It just sits around now, I’m a fraidy cat.

I can’t stand the noise of 2 large ladders banging around, I think my wife would like the sound of my voice even less calling her (if I’m lucky) from the ER…

My experience having known a few folks that fell from roofs, was that they fell from the ladder kicking out and getting back on ladder from roof. The wobbliness of these ladders can’t help. I hope everyone’s careful.

I’ve had the Little Giant, Werner, Gorilla and Extension Ladders.

The extension takes too long to sit up and take down. Also doesn’t ride well and won’t go readily on either my Mini Cooper or Civic. We now only use it on Commercial Buildings (mounting a flat roof).

I prefer the 8’ Telesteps and the 13’ Little Giant.

Matt, there’ve been many thread on this subject. Pursue this one, but do a search too.

You can do the same with an extension ladder if you climb above the roof line or lean on the top.