Companion Fails to DL Reports

Despite almost full service on my Android phone, HG Companion is giving me this message when I try to DL my uploaded reports:

“Failed to download report list. Communication Error with server:Read timed out”
After a few more attempts, it will eventually display the last 5 uploaded but opening any given report only shows that the client name is entered in. Address, start-time, inspection type, etc. are all blank. What gives?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I wanted to try posting this question as an “Open Question” in HG Support Center but I don’t see an option to do this. Shancy mentions it in the How-To video but doesn’t show where to click.

Is there a way to download a report from your device to your desktop via direct connection without using internet?

On Companion - Settings - General Options - Do you have the box checked "Only Allow Internet Connections Over WiFi?

All good help above. Sometimes you have to wait 15 minutes and try again. Sometimes it has to do with hub to hub on its way to HG server. If it gets close to 100 percent and fails it may have worked but the handshake message didn’t make it back. Check the cloud when this happens to see if it actually worked.

When you go to there is “Ask a question”


Is there a way to download a report from a device to a desktop/laptop without using the internet?

Yes. With Android. Use your charging cable and remove the outlet prong to reveal a usb and insert into your computer with it device on. Now on your pc navigate to the phone/drive and locate Documents HG folder report folder.

It may or may not work as smoothly as that depending on your device. That’s why when possible the cloud is easiest.

Thank you.

That may help you Wil.

That’s the way I transfer reports and template updates to and from my tablets daily!

How on earth do you guys have the patience? Between full inspections and “pre-inspections” (a Seattle area thing) my weeks are slammed. I print out invoices and agreements for the clients so every additional click, drag, upload, and download translates to a huge amount of wasted time.

I can’t imagine starting an inspection and having my clients (and agent) wait for 15 more minutes, in addition to having to already sync appointments from scheduler, down to the desktop, then upload the report just so I can download the appointment onto my Andorid. I must be missing something here. Is HG Companion like HG (Classic) Scheduler where most users opt for 3rd party software?

I think the 15 minute comment is misunderstood. It works in seconds almost always. But, when someone has a slow connection for who knows why, if they wait a few minutes it usually corrects itself. It has nothing to do with HG servers and works in seconds 99.9 percent of the time for most areas.

I got this message the other day over my home wifi, but when I did it a second time it went. It takes about a min or two to send to the cloud with a lot of photos in the report.