Home gauge Companion Device Issue

Hello to All,
I need to update my HG Companion device. So I purchased a Motorola Z or Moto Z Play. The price tag was around 450.00 and the OS is Android 7.0.
HG Comp loaded just fine.
However, when I manually move a report from my desk/laptop on my old device Samsung Note 4 I get this notice ( Do you want to copy PicInfo.xml to your device?) I always click yes and there are no issues.
With the Moto Z I do not get this notice and the files go right over.
Now comes the issue, after completing a mock inspection and manually moving the file from the Moto Z back to the desk/laptop , which seems to go just fine. I then open HG Desktop and hit (REFRESH). The transfer begins and everything seems to be going just fine. Then I get this ERROR NOTICE.
Error opening report.
File: file///C:\Users
oone\Documents\HomeGauge\Reports\234 Test Mike\report.hr5
Line: 0 Char: 0
The HG Desktop states the report cannot be opened and whips it from my data base.
Before anyone jumps on the band wagon about Cloud transfer, cell service is not always the best in my area, I inspect in areas where there is no cell service and manual trans takes about 45 seconds. Cloud sometimes has taken 15 minutes.
This same issue has happened on another device with Android Lollipop 5.1.1.
I have contacted HG and their resolution is to use the cloud. I do not feel that is the answer. If HG Comp is Android OS then the answer is not the Cloud. The issue has happened on two (new) Android devices. The first one Home Gauge said it was device issue, Being new I returned and received a new hard drive, which did not resolve the issue and made it to late to return for a refund. Now I have an expensive paper weight.
My old device will fail, in fact it is about three years old. I will have to upgrade at some point. Then what? Any assistance would be great. I have 14 days to return the Moto Z for a full refund.

Did you try to manually move the files over, and if so, did it then work?


Hi Dom,
I only us manual transfer for three reasons. I work in areas with poor cell service, it is much faster than the Cloud and it is free.
My issue is with manual transfer.

OK, I misunderstood.

I bet there is a missing file being left behind, or the directory structure is slightly different from device to device.

Sorry I can’t help, but I think the HG techs can figure it out if they have time, otherwise they just say to “use the cloud…”


By the way, have you seen this support Page at HG?