Report software & iOS vs. Android insight...


Just looking for insight into what some seasoned inspectors use for report writing/photos/tablets etc…

A little about me, I have always been an Apple guy and like the simplicity and ability to link all my comm across multiple devices (laptop/iPad/iPhone). But I have seen that a few report writing services don’t even support iOS. For those that do use Apple devices, what report service do you use and have you found that service to be fully integrated with iOS? Also looking for input for those that use android devices and what features drew them to android?

Lastly, please ‘no mine is better than yours and here’s why’, just looking for what works for YOU. This information will then be used for a more educated decision for a less seasoned inspector just beginning his inspection journey.

Thank you!

Possible format of response…

Tablet-If used…if not, why not?
Software- What’s great about your software, what are some short comings?
Camera used- Phone/tablet/stand alone camera etc.
…& any information you think may be beneficial…

Home Inspector Pro mobile on a Samsung note 4. I found the iPad too cumbersome and the camera limited. There are a plethora of threads on this topic everyone thinks what they use is best, there are a hand full that actually own the top softwares and can give genuine comparison between them.

I have used Home Gauge for over 12 years and currently do my onsite data entry into Home Gauge Companion on a Samsung S5. The report is completed on my MacBook Air running Home Gauge with Parallels. Never had a single with Apple and Home Gauge reliability and compatibility. Home Gauge was one of the original home inspection software developers. All that followed are just copycats.

I use an Android mobile, and complete the report on a MAC.

Many do it the other way around.

All that matter is what works for you. It’s really all about personal choice and preference.

I went with the Samsung Note 4 because I found a regular iphone screen too small, and a tablet too cumbersome to carry around. For me, the Note had the best of both worlds with none of the drawbacks.

I still carry my old iphone in my bag as an emergency back up.