What can you do if a new inspector takes your same buisness name in the same city?

Plenty. Even if your name/logo isn’t trademarked, you can file a claim under common law.

But why don’t you just have me call him first and let me see what I can do?

I hope you had registered the name .
I would talk to a lawyer Immediatly.

Nick would it matter at all to if my name is registered with the state as a LLC?

In Florida if you do buisness you have to be registered as a buisness, licensed and insured. He shows a license #, but nothing else. Also he is claiming to be a NACHI member. I can not find his name anywhere.

Thanks Nick for the pm. Trade marking logo today also

Even if your name is similar and he has just opened up in your area, you can go after him. I know a mortgage company in Columbia that won a case pretty easily.


Thanks to NICK and his way of looking out for his members, he resolved the matter in a short period of time with out any court or attorney procedures. The new inspector is changing his name and also incorporating a legal buisness. Just because you have a state license, does not make you legal to do buisness.

After talking to this man for some time, we decided it would be best if we helped each other when ever possible. It’s a small town and we both live here. Thanks again to Nick for supporting his members