Start up business, Do You Trademark?

Hi all, Im working on starting my business and have already registered my LLC with the state.

  • Can can you register your LLC name as a trademark if its already being used within another state that hasnt registered it as a trademark(I know I’ve read some things that say its already trademarked even if its not registered)?

  • Should I try to pick a name that can be trademarked or is that not an important factor(Ive noticed that there is another registered LLC in my state that is also similar except mine has “s” at the end of inspections)?

Its all a little confusing and was looking for some clarification.


Paul, I think an attorney is who you need to consult with.

InterNACHI has at least one, I believe.

Try asking at

Best to you and your startup.

I looked into trademarking the logo of my business (RTR) and as it was possible, there was lots of variations of RTR that were somewhat similar. I would suggest going to the trademark government website and read the description on what it actually is.
IMHO it wasn’t worth doing for me because of how it works and how similar everyone can make one like mine and still be able to trademark.

Try consulting a legal advisor regarding this as he can guide in a better way.

Thank you guys for your quick response!

Ill make a few phone calls.

We did for both our company and BIGCrawler names with logos. Snakes are everywhere. :eyes:

Hi Paul! It sounds like you’re in an area where you’re going to “Flip that switch” once you get everything in line! Your going to have your phone ringing off the hook from day one!
Congratulations on that! I have found that for me at least, it wasn’t a switch, It was time to really get to work! Real Estate agents who, according to statistics can bring in as much as 68% of your business aren’t too interested in taking a chance on the “new guy” because they bust their butts to get a sale and the very language you use to describe your findings can destroy all their hard work! I can spend 2 grand a month on my mom and pop shop just funding all the things people say I need! Depending on your State, as an LLC you may be required to file quarterly’s using a CPA. If business isn’t booming, Your Loosing! I’m hoping my strategy of low flying sole proprietor with a goal of an LLC is at least somewhat sensible I think,? for me 5 principles apply, could be wrong but my M.O. is: Know me, like me, trust me, hire me, then refer me! It’s different everywhere and it sounds like you’re a smart dude! Good luck structuring your company and forgive me ahead of all the other nasty comments coming if I am out of line!

Thanks for the nice comment! I am definitely looking to make a presence with marketing along with serving my clients to the best of my ability.

That’s kinda what I was thinking especially since I plan to work in two different states. Also, id hate to build a business and watch it grown and then try to rebrand later but maybe I’m a bit ahead of my self.
I like to think big! lol

Here at Baker Inspection Group, all we do is think BIG!

Hi Scot, This trademarking idea is confusing. I have a name that isn’t to my knowledge currently being used in the inspection industry.

The first part of the name i have chosen is trademarked by an unrelated company, does that mean it would be out of the question ya think?

I couldnt imagine me being able to use “walmart home inspection group”

Im trying to stamp a name on my business but dont want to get into any trademark infringements.

Thanks, Paul

I renamed my business after 18 months. Valley of Virginia Home inspections was not getting to the top of the real estate offices referral list. After changing to Apex Home Inspections, the phone started ringing.