Quality repairmen and where you find them.

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Question: Homeowners no doubt ask inspectors for referrals on who they should use to get the defects found fixed.

#1. Do you ever recommend and if so how do you do it in such a way as not to cause a stir or become liable in any way?

#2. where do you find your best qualified repairmen if and when you do recommend them?

I'll ask appraisers
Other inspectors
Satisfied customers and friends
I don't rely on third party service agencies to give good advice,generally speaking.

Any hints would be appreciated, especially in finding excellent tradesman.

Interested party

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Referrals can be a sticky area. You can potentially create a conflict of interest if you simply refer the same company and/or professional each time.

If you feel obligated to refer to professionals and/or trades your clients, here are some suggestions;

(1) Do some research as if you were the one in need of the service. Check the company's references, complaints, costs, availability, etc., etc.

(2) Have at least three references (that you have researched) for any given field (i.e. electrical, plumbing, PE, mold. . .).

(3) Explain to your client that these referrals are provided as a courtesy and recommend that they should check their qualifications before hiring them.

Otherwise, be prepared for the possibility of accepting liability for negligent referrals.

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Have you tried your local building supply? Most offer referrals and installation by tradesmen that they use. Be sure to check them out and ask for names and phone numbers of past clients. Call the past clients and see what they have to say about the contractor.