Composite slate shingle problem

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I just looked at a roof with DaVinci Bellaforte Composite Slate shingles that was on a couple of years old. Many of the shingles were cracking at the tabs and I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge about this product that would explain what is going on with it.

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It appears that the shingle on the right are putting pressure on the little tabs of the slate shingle on the left and pressure cracking them from installation or other… I could be off but that is what it looks like from N. MI. Do you get snow where you are?

Being all at same location at tab I would guess it’s an installation issue. That brand/type of shingle is supposed to last 50 years or so.

Seems to be!

I am thinking install as well, but wondered if anyone knew of specific problems with these shingles. Thanks

Cracking at that nailing tab is a defect that has come up with these. I can’t find the post where the other links were listed.
Here’s one, 6th review down

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I also recall reading about issues with improper nailing at the tab, i.e over penetration, nails not in straight, nail location area missed. I looked but I cannot find where I read it.

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DaVinci is a major name in composite roofing of that type. I’d ask that question of the manufacturer.

Although many composite roofing products offer a 50-year warranty, I don’t think any of them have been around nearly that long. Roofing warranties are basically sales tools.

Wow! Those were some brutal reviews!

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The tear, mechanical damage, is low on the slate. No worries.
Recommend a qualified repair contractor. Roofer that is.
Recommend the manufacture be notified and do an evaluation on the mechanical damage for warranty concerns. Might be a batch error.

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I tend to stay way from roof leaks. That is likely installation or defered maintenance item.

De-Laminating. I found that hard to process. To the best of my knowledge, hot liquid is poured into molds forming the plastic slate.
If plastic slate appears to show signs of deformity from melting, it could be due to a window or glazing reflecting UV rays from a neighbors or even the home on the roof slates.

Hope someone keeps an eye on this product.

My understanding is that a fair number of problems are related to composite slates becoming brittle over time, especially in cold weather or if they’re in constant shade.

Ive been roofing for 14 years. To me this looks like to much pressure from the nail gun, causing the tab to be over bent and creating a crack over time. Its just like a wind shield getting hit with a rock. Eventually its gonna leave a big crack. Ive never personally installed these, but if I did, I would drill a hole in the tab, then hand nail to be positive of a proper install. I would hand nail everything with this type of material. Most leaks I come across are plastic vents being nailed with gun, then leaving huge cracks after a few years. Only plastic vent that I know for sure holds up against this is the duraflo vent. This is coming from north idaho.

I see this quite often. Most of what I see is the shingles curling on the ends.


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Are those even shingles? lol. What is that substrate in the keys? Is that snow?

It appears the brand you are showing here does not have the “fastener tabs” as the OP.

Amen to that. I’ve worked with a number of manufacturers on warranty items, and never had much luck beyond 5 Years. I regularly see shingles that aren’t sealed from what I “Highly Suspect” is manufacturing problems, but when someone asks my advice I direct them to roofers that specialize with insurance claims, because you may have a chance with potential wind damage and your insurance company, but will almost always Strike Out with a manufacturer’s claim.