Concerning the new FL SOP

I am wondering…does the NACHI SOP meet/exceed the new FL SOP, and if not could it be made so? (Nick…?)

I think they have added things to the Florida SOP that is not on the iNACHI SOP. If I recall correctly - appliances are in the Florida SOP. Can’t remember where/when I saw it. I think you can search it on the this blog. Supposedly the new SOP for Florida should come out soon. Frankly - better standardization is needed.


State Law supersedes NACHI in every way.

Why do I have to put up with NACHI with Florida BS attached?

There are a few more States here aside from Fla.

You are required to follow your state law, not NACHI’s SOP. So why not just do it?

The FL SOP is basically the FABI SOP with some Nachi, N@hi and @shi mixed in. I it has been argued about and corrections sent, but DBPR has the final word.

So I guess once the FL SOP actually becomes law we will no longer refer to the NACHI SOP or any other for that matter…unless as I stated earlier they meet or exceed FL law.

Correct we will be required to follow the FL SOP as long as all sections exceed Nachi’s for Nachi Members.

When the FL SOP comes out I would refer to it exclusively.
Inspect items beyond the FL SOP or exclude from FL SOP if you want, but referring to something other what is required by FL law would be dangerous.

It sure sucks we get to be told how to run our businesses.

We should be trying to figure out how to abolish the whole damn thing immediatly.

Anyone who wanted licensing is at fault.

According to the InterNACHI meeting at Dunedin last week on 5/10, the FL SOP is available at and is to be made available to the client on or before the time of inspection along with a copy of your license or a minimum fine of $1000 may be imposed. This is to replace any SOP for the state of Florida. However the Fl Sop is not enforceable as of right now but we should be using it as it will be very shortly.

The State law supersedes any home orgs SoP, so that is what I will follow. My forms are already done and have been for quite some time.

Once the state SOP comes out, you had all better change your reports to conform to each and every line item. Forget one thing and the lawyers can, and will, tear you up in court for not following it. This is going to get interesting. I am waiting for billboards to say “Had a home inspection lately. Did you inspector miss something”

When FL adopts a state SOP, use that one. Read 1.10.