Disturbing about grandfathering

Got a call from a plumber a few days ago saying that Nachi sent him a post card saying that they will help make him become a Licensed HI. If he signs up to take the test and pays a small fee he can get a free membership to Nachi. Is Nachi trying to recruit just anyone??? Hopefully I can post a picture of postcard. I am not as upset as most about the test grandfathering process but if this is what is happening I will jump on board with Russel and others…

This should be fun!

Did anyone really think it was going to be harder for people to jump in before the deadline then it was for the rest of us to become a Home Inspector?

No one had any requirements before they started so why should the new guys? The State has to give the appearence of being fair.

They should have to click there heals together 3 times and proclaim loudly:

I am a Home Inspector.
I am a Home Inspector.
I am a Home Inspector.

Did you think I was just getting upset to make my heart rate faster? NACHI has stepped to newer and newer lows each day. FLNACHI is a freaking JOKE. They do not represent HOME INSPECTORS, they represent the novice inspectors wanting a fast track to the industry, and Nick and Zoe are making that happen. They are bringing in every idiot to compete with YOU, They are essentially turning their back on the people who MADE this organization in hope to get new members. Nick and Zoe are RUINING the Florida Inspection Industry, plain and simple.

And for those who say, If i don’t like it leave…HUH, NEVER! I will continue to oust the injustice done here…every single day! I am going no where. I am telling ALL Florida inspectors right now that this atrocity of our PROFESSION is a being made a JOKE of, due to the actions of FLNACHI and NICK. As far as I am concerned they are RUINING our industry in Florida.

Can’t wait to see them. January is coming fast and I want them to look at EVERY single member in that room and watch them LIE, just like it happened last time! I want to watch them lie, spin and piss on your head and tell you its raining.

Thanks Nick for sinking to new lows each and every day. You surprise me more and more. The beauty of it is that I am not leaving and these messages will be for all to see…I love the internet!

Re: Disturbing about grandfathering

Shoot! I’ve been grandfathering for 25 years now, and sometimes I find it quite disturbing.

(And so do my grandthings…)

Man you upset Preston? Now you have to KNOW you are wrong. This is one of the nicest and easy going guys you will meet! Man, I know NICK and ZOE are messing up! This right here is PROOF POSITIVE they have runamuck!

I am always easy going tell you Piss on me. I took the FLNACHI test because I thought that was the best way for NACHI members but I didnt realize that they would just be going crazy trying to bring every out of work IT guy into the business to compete. Looking forward to seeing you in Jan

Sorry to hear that Preston…I guess you have not been around here long enough to realize this is “association” is nothing but a LARGE income generator for Nick…he could care less who he hurts making as much Money as Possible.

Gee. Maybe the letter was sent out to plumbers instead of general contractors so they have someone that knows what a TPR valve is…:wink: :mrgreen:

Quit using big words in front of ConSpector’s it just confuses them and causes them to drool on themselves. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me see if I am following this right.

For years, the Florida building inspectors (led by Peck and Hoopy) lied, cheated and connived to favor home inspection licensing. Peck confided privately that “All we need is a law no matter what it says. It is easier to tweak it when it is a law than to get everyone to agree to support our views today”…and your legislature took the bill and distorted it to an unrecognizable form.

Now, in Florida, a home inspection has been reduced to nothing more than a marketing tool for contractors and handymen.

So…Nick invites these critters to participate in NACHI…and he is exploiting you? Gimme a break.

You should have fought the bill. You should have had the balls to blow the whistle on the special interests that sold you out and brought this law down on you.

Instead, you insist that Nick sits on his hands so that you can do what? Poop in your van?

I hear ya James. You tell him like it is! I am telling all the newbies that James is the man and should listen to him. He is a damn genius and he would be making a million dollars a year if it wasn’t for contractors, newbies, realtors, and part timers.

This guy has a ton of excuses why his company fails and instead at looking at his perceived road blocks maybe it’s not all these people and it’s him. If you want to fail in business then he has the path. Smart guy, horrible business sense. listen and read his words and then do the opposite. You will succeed.

And please whatever you do. Do not use that full time inspector logo, it’s embarrassing. O yes, get a porta pottie it works!

Nah…listen to Rusty. He knows everything about what others should do to improve. He can poop in his own vehicle which, according to his video, makes him a better inspector. Now he wants to improve NACHI. LOL

Only a loser poops in his own work truck.:D:D:D

Dats me!

Not us. InterNACHI doesn’t use postcards and never has.

I’ll bet you can’t.

Reminds me of Russell claiming that he became a CMI in a few seconds with his credit card. CMI doesn’t accept credit cards and never has.

Hey, how about you post the picture of that non-existent postcard next to a picture of Russell’s non-existent credit card statement? LOL!

im psyched about getting grandfathered. Nachi made it convenient for me.

Russel is so intent on “improving” other people’s stuff…I have one for him.

To further promote his new “poo-poo” van…he can produce his inspection reports in 2-ply.:smiley:

Dennis, I am not saying that it is a bad idea having it for existing members. I think it does not make Nachi or HI look that credible if they are just selling to just anyone and saying hey look how easy.

But it IS easy…isn’t it? Why blame NACHI instead of your legislators and those who lobbied for licensing in Florida?

Preston, what time will you be posting a picture of this postcard that you claim InterNACHI sent out?