Concrete roof tile

While inspecting a concrete tile roof I noticed that all the seams in the tile lined up with the seams of the row above it. I was under the assumption that the seams should be staggered. Now I know what happens when we assume something, that is why I am coming to the people in the know. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Don

Here’s what I normally see on a daily basis, it would help if you posted a photo. Hope this helps. And yes they should be staggered.



Donald, off the top of my head, Jeff Pope, Louie LaFleur, and Paul Pendley, might chime in to help or other inspectors in California.

In the meantime, you can review this;\

Photos would be helpful. Im sure you had a camera with you.

Anytime you inspect not only a roof but anything that is supposed to be water deffering, keep in mind that water is lazy and will travel on the least path of resistance. Hope that helps.