Concrete slabs poured along-against front wall and they tarred perimeter

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Their finished basement has been leaking, for years, slowly got worse…n worse eh

Outside view of (new word) :sunglasses: slabbitty slabs, from yesterday

They have a 6 inch thick concrete patio all-along back wall (where leaky crack and deteriorated leaky rod holes are in pantry), they also added dirt on side wall where they have more deteriorated leaky rod holes

View inside basement

There ‘was’ paneling up against the basement walls in all areas, i recommended to them on 1st trip/estimate over there they should imo, remove the stupid paneling in order to SEE why they leak n so they did lol. I explained to them, they might, only have x-amount of deteriorated rod holes and sure who knows, maybe a crack or 2 in wall and also mentioned to them some water either, was… or still is entering around-above basement windows. Another reason to remove some paneling/drywall is pretty often there is x-amount of mold on back side of drywall etc or sometimes on the basement wall

Here is short video of my 1st visit over DARE

WHAT did i say in this video a week or so ago? :thinking: :thinking:

And so the message and facts again are, one should determine, identify WHY, where basements leak and NOT assume pouring friggin’ concrete or adding dirt solves most leaky basements = negligent BS and MANY buyers have been screwed (out $$$) by this moronic claim

Oh forgot lol, their basement like others, slowly got worse, leaked more often and in diff-areas because… for the most part, more rod holes deteriorated over time 'n then leaked

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